• March 18, 2005



March 18 2005 -TOKYO: In response to recently received reprimands from the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, top management of the three main companies in the JAL Group held a press conference on March 17 at the Japanese Ministry Japanese of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Japanese aviation regulators.

The executives were Isao Kaneko, currently JAL Group C.E.O. and chairman, and the three presidents: Toshiyuki Shinmachi, president of JAL Corporation, the JAL Group holding company; Katsuo Haneda, president of JAL International and Mitsuo Komatsubara, president of JAL Domestic.

To take responsibility for the series of incidents, the executives announced a reshuffle of top management positions. These moves supercede top management changes announced March 10. The details of the March 17 changes please refer to the press release issued that day .

The four cases were:

  1. Use of inappropriate parts in a 747 freighter landing gear

  2. Violation of ATC instructions at Incheon Airport, Korea (JL 954 March 11)

  3. Operating a flight with disarmed emergency slides (JAL 1021 March 16)

  4. Violation of ATC instructions at Shin Chitose Airport, Japan (JAL 1036 January 16)

Counter measures

Counter measures in the maintenance department taken to date include a review of maintenance manuals to ensure that they are up-to-date and reconfirmation of procedures for reporting changes in maintenance activities to all group airlines.

In the flight operations field, JAL has re-emphasized crew check procedures before take-off and carried out a reorganization of the safety control system within the flight operations department. Other measures include improved internal communications and enhanced auditing of flight operations. These measures are being implemented within March. Other counter measures are under review and will be announced shortly..

These incidents should never have happened and we apologize profoundly, said Toshiyuki Shinmachi, president of JAL Corporation. We subsequently launched a full investigation to establish the detailed facts of all cases and we will ensure that every means will be taken to avoid recurrence.

We will do our best in future to maintain safe operations, which is our essential mission as a commercial air transport company. Shinmachi said.



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