• August 09, 2005

32nd JAL Scholarship Programme in Japan for Asia Pacific University Students

Tokyo, August 09: The JAL Foundation, the cultural arm of the Japan Airlines' Group, will hold the 32nd JAL Scholarship program for university undergraduates from countries in the Asia-Pacific region in Japan between August 10 and 31st..

This year's theme is “Globalization - 21st Century Asia, What can we do?'', and the participants will have the opportunity to debate this topic with Japanese student counterparts during their stay.

With the 36 students from 11 countries and regions taking part in the 2005 program, the total number of participants since the project started in 1975 has reached 1,250. Japan Airlines launched the program in 1975 as an introduction to Japan for university students from the Asia Pacific region. Since 1990 the JAL Foundation has organized the event, which has evolved in scope over the years.

The 36 participants this year include six students from China, four from Korea and three each from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam and two from New Zealand.

Students are selected locally by means of an essay contest, followed by an interview. The program includes roundtrip international airfares, tuition, board and lodging and transportation within Japan.

The 21-day 2005 program has several elements.

Lecture program in Understanding Japan and field trips: August 11-16: An initial study period in Tokyo will feature an introduction to Japan's culture, economy, environmental issues and society..

Field trip: August 17-18: The participants will make a field a field trip to the Mount Fuji area..

Student sessions and Asia Forum in Ishikawa Prefecture:August 23-28: In Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, on the Japan Sea coast, participants will join in discussions with local Japanese students, focusing on the 2005 program theme, “Globalization - 21st Century Asia, What can we do?'' and two sub-themes, “Global Warming'' and “Post-conflict recovery - what can we do to help? Looking at the problem through the window of Cambodia ''. This will be followed by a two-day forum where scholars will present their findings from the student sessions and develop discussions.

Home stays: Always a popular feature of this program, home stays with Japanese families will give participating students a first hand experience of family life in contemporary Japan.


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