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Sep 30, 2005
New Board Member at Japan Airlines

Tokyo, Friday September 30, 2005: The Japan Airlines Group has appointed a new board member, Katsuhiko Nawano, to serve on the boards of JAL International and JAL Domestic. He will be responsible for JAL's China business activities for JAL International and will handle special assignments at the direction of the president, Toshiyuki Shinmachi in both JAL International and JAL Domestic.

Mr. Nawano, 58, a former senior official at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), joins these JAL Group boards at managing director level. He retired from the MLIT in July 2003 as deputy director-general and joined the JAL Foundation that year as deputy chairman. In 2004 the Foundation appointed him special advisor.

With this new appointment, the JAL International board of directors increases from 13 members to 14. The number of executive officers remains unchanged at 10. The JAL domestic board increases from 11 to 12 members. There is no change to the number of executive officers (8).


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