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Oct 12, 2005
Japan Airlines Aid For Pakistan Earthquake Relief

Tokyo, Wednesday October 12: Japan Airlines announced today that it will provide free cargo shipments of relief goods for earthquake aid in Pakistan from Japanese government agencies, local governments in Japan and public organizations, such as the Japanese Red Cross.

JAL does not fly to any destinations in Pakistan but will carry relief goods and materials from airports in Japan to destinations on the JAL overseas network in the Asia region such as Singapore, Bangkok and Delhi, as requested by the agencies concerned.

JAL will also provide free air transport on the JAL network for staff of public organizations, such as the Japanese Red Cross and official Japanese aid organizations that the airline has worked with in the past, until further notice.

Details on shipping procedures are available from JAL offices in Japan. These arrangements apply to relief goods and materials sent from Japan only.


For further information contact: geoffrey.tudor@jal.com / stephen.pearlman@jal.com

Telephone: 81-3-5460-3109 / Fax: 81-3-5769-6487/ www.jal.com/en/corporate/

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