• January 31, 2006

JAL Countermeasures for Eliminating Human Error

Tokyo, Thursday January 31, 2006: On January 9, 2006 the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport served a notice to the Japan Airlines Group asking the airline to prepare additional counter measures for preventing cases of human error and submit a report by January 31st. Today following study by our safety advisory group we submitted our proposals to the MLIT.

The JAL Group plan for reinforcing the prevention of human error

1. We will reinforce our Head Office Corporate Safety Department, which is responsible for safety promotion in flight operations, maintenance and cabin crew departments with a new group to investigate and study human error, with the purpose of reducing instances of human error in future. This will involve the assignment of 10 staff and the new section will start from April 2006.

2. We will make safety audits a regular feature of safety promotion activity

3. Preparation of training materials

- We will develop safety-training materials relating to human error by referring to past examples of communication errors and other case studies and use these examples for safety training and education (from April 2006).

- We will develop awareness of possible communication gaps between departments or sections where errors are likely to occur and establish in the maintenance workplace a system of verification of work and inspection methods using clear, unequivocal verbal confirmation.



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