• June 27, 2007

New Improvements to JAL Executive Class Meal Services

Increased meal choice and a more individual-focused service

Tokyo June 27, 2007: Japan Airlines (JAL) is improving the meal service in JAL Executive Class Seasons - the airline's international business-class - by increasing meal choice and creating a more intimate individual-focused service. During 2007, the following improved service will be gradually introduced to all of JAL's US routes (excluding Hawaii), starting with the airline's Narita - Chicago daily flight from July 1 2007. In 2008, the improvements will also be introduced onto selected Europe routes.

For the first meal, Japan Airlines offers its international business class passengers a choice of Japanese or Western full-course menus. Passengers choosing the Western menu can select from two entrees, one of which is a JAL Healthy Menu Selection: a low calorie, nutritionally balanced option for the health-conscious. Alternatively passengers can savor the seasonally changing flavors of the `haute cuisine of Japan': the traditional Kyoto-style menu known as kaiseki-ryori. Kaiseki-ryori uses the freshest seasonal ingredients and usually includes a number of small dishes that have been steamed, simmered or grilled.

At the moment, only one main dish is available to passengers who select the Japanese menu for their first meal. Starting July on the Chicago route, JAL will double the number of Japanese main dishes offered, increasing passenger choice. Passengers will be able to choose either a fish or meat for their main dish. The Japanese menu from July will be a mouth-watering choice of either deep-simmered beef in sweet soy sauce or grilled fillet of flounder with spicy teriyaki sauce and sesame teriyaki sauce. The main courses will be changed each season.

From August, the first meal will be improved further, when the first course of the Japanese menu is changed from its current 3 dishes to a new selection of 8 small dishes. Called shunmisaisai, passenger will be able to enjoy in full the colors and tastes of each season. For example, this summer passengers will be able to enjoy such items as scallop and leek with a miso vinegar sauce, and simmered eggplant with minced chicken sauce.

Furthermore, carts will no longer be used by cabin attendants in JAL business class when serving meals. Instead each meal will be carried to passengers as it would be in a restaurant. This will help create a quieter, more comfortable atmosphere making it easier for passengers to relax.

At present more than one cabin attendant may tend to the needs of an individual passenger. To increase the level of customer care and attention on board, each passenger will be looked after as much as possible by the same cabin attendant from the time of boarding to disembarkation.

The supervisory role of the Kyoto Cuisine “Mebaekai' will also be expanded during 2007 to cover even more flights departing from Japan to ensure that the Japanese meals served onboard JAL are of the highest quality. Found throughout Japan, “Mebaekai” are special associations of long-established restaurants set up with the purpose of maintaining and promoting traditional Japanese cooking techniques and cuisine. When departing from Tokyo, the Japanese menus offered in first class on all flights, and business class on numerous routes have already been specially created under the supervision of the “Mebaekai”. During 2007, this will be extended to cover more international flights departing Tokyo, and for the first time, international flights departing Osaka and Nagoya.

The improvements will enable JAL to provide a more intimate, individual-focused service and will take hospitality on board JAL to even greater heights.


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