• September 29, 2008

JAL Revises FY2008 2nd Half Cargo Fleet, Route, & Frequency Plan

TokyoSeptember 29, 2008: Japan Airlines (JAL) has decided to revise the cargo fleet, route and frequency plan for the 2nd half of FY2008, the year ending March 31, 2009. From January 2009, the airline will suspend freighter only operations between Tokyo (Narita) and New York, and reduce freighter flight frequency from 6 to 5 flights per week on the Tokyo (Narita) - Los Angeles route. By the end of November 2008, JAL will also have retired from service its last remaining two 747-200 freighter aircraft. The airline will also cancel the conversion of one of its 747-400 passenger aircraft into a freighter aircraft, as had originally been planned.

In order to build a more profitable business structure, the airline will concentrate its freighter resources on just two destinations in North America: Chicago and Los Angeles. By concentrating on fewer freighter destinations in North America and adjusting demand and supply, JAL aims to speedily respond to changes in the business environment and further improve profitability.

The airline is currently facing a tough environment, particularly in terms of its North American freighter business. Even though the price of fuel has stabilized, it has remained at a very high level. Furthermore, the business outlook, centering on North America, remains gloomy.

JAL will respond to demand for cargo transportation to and from New York, by utilizing belly space on the airline’s passenger flights operating 14 flights per week on the Tokyo to New York route, and by using feeder truck services to and from the airline’s freighter gateway in Chicago.

In terms of its overall cargo fleet and network strategy, JAL will strive to respond to customers’ needs by providing the best mix of large-size Boeing 747-400 freighters, medium-size Boeing 767 freighters, and belly space in passenger flights, and by offering the largest network to and from Japan.


Revised JAL B747-400F/ BCF FY2008 Fleet Plan

Aircraft Type


Total No. of Aircraft

Original FY08 Plan

Total No. of Aircraft By End of FY2008 ( Year ending March 31, 2009)

Revised FY08 Plan

Total No. of Aircraft By End of FY2008 ( Year ending March 31, 2009)

Boeing 747-400F/BCF






SH08 Cargo Revision.pdf 



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