• October 03, 2008

JAL MAP of Tokyo Launched on www.jal.com

Image1Tokyo, October 3, 2008: Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched on nearly all of the English-language country/ region sites of www.jal.com a JAL MAP of Tokyo. The JAL MAP of Tokyo is a useful interactive tourist map of Japan’s vibrant capital city. It is the first time JAL has launched an English version of JAL MAP.

JAL MAP comprises a total of 10 maps, including bird’s eye views of central Tokyo and the surrounding area, plus more detailed maps of the major tourist areas of the city, from Akasaka to Ueno. Visitors to the JAL MAP can easily explore Tokyo, jumping from one map to another, zooming in and out of them, and moving all around them using a special navigation function.

This easy-to-use useful site contains a wide selection of regularly updated information on Tokyo shopping, dining, hotels, and sightseeing. Concise descriptions, together with addresses, telephone numbers and website accompany each piece of information.

Information on around 130 restaurants serving Japanese, Asian and Western cuisine can be found on the site, making it easy for visitors to the city to quickly find a suitable place to dine. 

The shopping section provides information on 70 shops, department stores and shopping areas which offer a wide range of products from traditional Japanese crafts to the latest fashion and electrical goods.

Not only can visitors to the JAL MAP find out information on about 100 hotels located in Tokyo and the surrounding area, but they can also check room availability, room rates and even make a booking.

Over 30 must-see or must-do recommendations are listed in the sightseeing section of the JAL MAP of Tokyo. Whether you are interested in museums, temples, ‘onsen’ (hot springs) or city views, the JAL MAP will point you in the right direction.  

The Japanese version of JAL MAP was launched on www.jal.com on March 2007. JAL MAPs have now been created for some 34 individual cities worldwide, providing Japanese travelers with a useful source of information for these destinations.

Image2In 2007, JAL won Japan’s coveted Good Design Award in the category of communication design for JAL MAP’s ground-breaking design.    

JAL MAP was jointly developed by JAL together with the companies, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) Ltd and DIGITAL DREAM, Inc.


JAL MAP Tokyo .pdf 


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