• October 01, 2009

Japan Transocean Air Launches New "OKINAWA Island Pass"

Tokyo, October 1, 2009: Japan Transocean Air (JTA), a JAL Group subsidiary, launched a new fare product, the “OKINAWA Island Pass” today. Available to foreign tourists visiting Okinawa, the new pass can be used on any JTA operated flights plying 5 domestic routes within the Okinawa prefecture, southwest of Japan.


In recent times, the number of visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other parts of South East Asia to the Okinawa area has been on the rise, reaching almost 250,000 in 2008. Eyeing further tourism growth in the subtropical islands known for their beautiful beaches, the “OKINAWA Island Pass” is expected to additionally boost demand by making trips to the islands for foreign visitors inexpensive and convenient. The JAL Group also recently announced the establishment of a new feeder service connecting Japan’s main international hub, Narita International Airport in Tokyo, with Okinawa’s Naha Airport which will commence from January 5, 2010, allowing for smoother transfers to the popular tourist destination from abroad.


Overseas visitors to Japan can utilize the JAL Group’s two existing domestic passes and the “OKINAWA Island Pass” to further explore and discover the many wonders of Japan.


For more details, passengers are requested to contact the JAL Regional Sales Office in their region.


OKINAWAIsland Pass

Eligible passengers : Overseas residents visiting Japan (Regardless of airline used on the international sectors.)

Applicable Routes : Naha = Ishigaki / Miyako / Kumejima, and Ishigaki = Miyako / Yonaguni

Applicable Flights : JTA operated flights only

Applicable dates : [October 1, 2009 ~ December 17, 2009 inclusive]

 [January 6, 2010 ~ March 11, 2010 inclusive]
 (Based on date of travel.)

Fare      : JPY 9,000 per sector

Ticket conditions    : Minimum purchase of 2 sectors, maximum purchase of 5  

: Tickets must be purchased before arriving in Japan




JAL Group Domestic Passes

Type of Pass

Applicable Flights

Fare per sector

Eligible Passengers

Yokoso (Visit) Japan Pass

All Japan domestic flights on JAL / JTA / JEX*

JPY 10,000

Overseas residents visiting Japan, using any oneworld member airline as the international flight carrier.


JPY 13,000

Overseas residents visiting Japan using any airline as the international flight carrier.

OKINAWA Island Pass

Naha = Ishigaki

Naha = Miyako

Naha = Kumejima

Ishigaki = Miyako

Ishigaki = Yonaguni

on JTA

JPY 9,000

Overseas residents visiting Japan using any airline as the international flight carrier.

*JEX: JAL Express


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