• May 17, 2010

JAL Group Recognized as "Eco-First" Company


Tokyo, May 17, 2010: Today, the JAL Group (JAL) was officially recognized by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOE) at an awards ceremony for the airline’s various environmental conservation initiatives, becoming the first company to be conferred the “Eco-First” title since the inauguration of Japan’s new administration.


The Eco-First Program, established in April 2008 by MOE, seeks to encourage environmental preservation activities by companies in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

The JAL Group has been commended for its diligence in advocating environmental consciousness and for conducting various recycling measures to minimize its environmental burden. JAL has been renewing its fleet with smaller, more fuel-efficient aircraft, reducing the weight of its aircraft, and routinely washing aircraft engines to improve performance and efficiency. Capitalizing on its years of  aviation experience, JAL also actively explored the expanded use of ecological, advanced flight operation methods such as UPR (User Preferred Route) and CDA (Continuous Descend Approach), and strongly supported the development of commercially-viable biofuel.




Aside from improving operational practices, JAL has been contributing for a long time to the environment and society by assisting in forest-fire surveillance, atmospheric air research and environmental education where JAL pilots reach out to elementary school children to teach them about the importance of preserving nature.


On this occasion, JAL made an “Eco-First Pledge” in which it resolves to step up on on-going green efforts and simultaneously strive for more ecological practices in the future in order to achieve a 23% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions per revenue-ton-kilometer (RTK) in the year 2020, compared with levels in 2005.


From May 18, 2010, JAL will restart the “Shades Closed Exercise” which was first introduced in Japan by the carrier last summer. Passengers are requested to help keep the cabin interior cool by shutting the shades of parked aircraft before disembarking, and thereby reduce the power required to cool the aircraft before the next service flight.

Also, in line with the United Nation’s declaration of 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, activities are being lined up to promote safeguarding of precious life forms on Earth.


In addition to being an air transport service provider that facilitates the flow of people, businesses and cultures across the globe, the JAL Group will endeavor to deepen its contributions to society through its Sky Eco environmental conservation activities.





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