• June 11, 2010

Japan Airlines Sports Special COP10 Logo Livery

Tokyo, June 11, 2010: In June 2008, Japan Airlines (JAL) introduced its first JAL Eco Jet - a Boeing 777-200 aircraft painted with a green tail instead of the airline’s red ‘Arc of the Sun’ insignia and also a 2-meter high by 7-meter wide green origami paper plane motif accompanied by the words ‘Sky Eco’ in both Japanese and English on the length of its fuselage. In supporting the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Aichi, Nagoya in October this year - the International Year of Biodiversity, JAL is pleased to add the COP10 logo on the JAL Eco Jet, and introduce the new COP10 Eco Jet from June 13, 2010 on domestic routes, in efforts to raise awareness for the event and its motto of “Life in Harmony, into the future”.


JAL received recognition from the Japanese Ministry of Environment as an Eco-First company on May 17 this year and pledged in an Eco-First Promise to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions per revenue-ton-kilometer (RTK) by 23% in the 15 years between 2005 and 2020. Along with this determination, JAL also committed to actively promote the importance of biodiversity and environmental preservation to its employees and customers.


The natural gifts bestowed upon mankind and the global environment by the biodiversity on Earth should be given due recognition. Through a variety of activities such as the ‘JAL Happy Eco Project*’ and the ‘COP10 Eco Jet’, JAL will strive to promote the awareness of biodiversity issues and the sustainable utilization of these endowments so as to leave a bountiful and beautiful Earth for future generations.


*JAL Happy Eco Project

As an Eco-First company, JAL is committed to encourage concerted environmental preservation efforts by businesses and organizations. JAL established the ‘JAL Happy Eco Project’ whose objectives are to promote the importance of protecting the natural environment and the diverse life forms on Earth through various publicity measures such as domestic and international in-flight videos about nature, an Eco-forum in the in-flight magazine Skyward and more. JAL wishes to convey to its passengers, the joy and happiness in jointly pursuing a healthier global environment in which we all live in, and seeks their support in its endeavors.



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