• September 29, 2010

Japan Airlines Adds to List of Improved Services at Haneda and Narita Airport

Tokyo, September 29, 2010: In conjunction with the start of new international flights out of Haneda airport this October, Japan Airlines (JAL) has announced a series of new and improved services as well as facilities created based on the concept of providing [Simplicity, Convenience and Comfort] to our customers. Additionally, JAL will offer improved in-flight services catering to the needs of passengers traveling on late night international flights departing from Haneda, and will also introduce the popular Direct Boarding service at both HanedaAirport and Narita Airport for international passengers from next month.


1. In-flight services onboard late-night international flights departing from Haneda Airport

From October 31, 2010, JAL will start operating late-night flights departing from Haneda for Paris, San Francisco, Bangkok and Singapore. Developing further, the airline’s well-received Good Sleep Service that is offered to customers traveling on select flights flying to and from Narita Airport, JAL will now offer customers departing from Haneda on the aforementioned late-night flights the Good Sleep & Refresh service that seeks to provide a conducive environment for passengers to get a good night’s rest once onboard and be energized upon arrival at their destination.


In executive class, customers will be provided with amenity kits containing eye masks, ear plugs etcetera before take-off and cabin lights will be dimmed from then for an early slumber. Nightcaps and light meals are also available for passengers to aid a better sleep. Customers can then wake up to a hearty breakfast made with ingredients from various regions in Japan. Served with rice freshly-cooked in the cabin, or with bread, executive class passengers can decide when they would like to have their breakfast anytime from the standard meal service to before landing.


In the economy cabin, passengers can rest early when lights are dimmed from take-off. Amenity kits with eye masks and ear plugs are offered in premium economy and also available on request to standard economy class customers. Passengers may also choose to have a hot cup of JAL Original consomm・soup or a light meal to help them sleep better.


On the flight from Haneda to Paris, JAL collaborated with Soup Stock Tokyo to create a special menu for premium economy and economy class passengers based on the theme of “regional flavors” from Japan and France. Passengers can choose between a home-cooked style Japanese meal which utilizes fresh seasonal ingredients from Japan, or a western meal of French croissant sandwich with corn soup - created by Soup Stock Tokyo especially for JAL’s in-flight service. Meals are available six hours after departing from Haneda, after which executive class passengers on this route can also choose from an ala carte menu of ten types of simple, delectable meals prior to arrival.


2. Extended check-in time for international flights at Haneda

Haneda airport is in close proximity to the city center of Tokyo. From October 21, the cut off time for check-in has been shortened to 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of their international flight operated by JAL (not including codeshare flights operated by partner airlines), which means a shorter waiting time at the airport. Together with the JAL Direct Boarding service that will be available from the same date, checking in for an international flight has never been easier.


3. Introduction of Direct Boarding Service at Narita Airport

Pioneered by JAL in 2005 for domestic travelers within Japan, JAL’s Direct Boarding saves time for customers. Without needing to line up at check-in counters at the airport, passengers can check-in for their flights online, print their electronic ticket receipts and boarding passes from home or the office.


fig1.jpg fig2.jpgfig3.jpg


This well-received service will be introduced to international travelers departing from Narita Airport from October 14 (and from Oct 21, 2010 at Haneda Airport as previously announced).


Passengers holding electronic tickets for JAL flights departing from Narita Airport can check in online using JAL’s Web Check-in service and from the website select their seat and print out an Online Boarding Pass. At the airport, passengers need only to use this Online Boarding Pass* to proceed through security inspections if they have no check-in baggage, and head straight to the boarding gate.


Fast Baggage Drop Counters accepting check-in baggage for passengers using JAL Direct Boarding services will also be set up.



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An additional service for passengers who wish to use JAL’s Direct Boarding service may from October 7, register their passport information and make a seat request after ticket purchase, to be automatically checked in 24 hours before their international flight. After they have been checked-in by the system, passengers will receive their Online Boarding Pass at an email address they have specified during registration and can proceed for check-in following the remaining steps of the Direct Boarding service.


For more information on JAL’s Direct Boarding please visit: http://www.jal.co.jp/en/quic-i/

* Passengers are advised to bring along a printout of their electronic ticket recipts when they travel.





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