• January 26, 2011

Airlines of the JAL Group Named Most Punctual for 2nd Consecutive Year

Best On-time Arrival Performance among International Airlines - Japan Airlines International

Best On-time Arrival Performance among Regional Asian Airlines - J-AIR

Tokyo, January 26, 2011: Airlines of the JAL Group - Japan Airlines International (JAL) and J-AIR, have been identified as having the best on-time arrival performance respectively among global airlines and airlines in Asia, by Conducive Technology Corporation*1 - a data provider of reliable flight information to the transportation industry. Statistics tabulated by Conducive’s FlightStats show 89.90%*2 of the 180,343 scheduled international and domestic flights operated by JALI in the calendar year 2010 arrived at their destinations as scheduled, rendering it the most punctual airline among 33 major global carriers*3 evaluated for this award. Regionally, J-AIR emerged first among 9 contending airlines in the category of most on-time carrier in Asia*4, a title held by another JAL Group airline JAL Express in 2009.

An awards ceremony will be held today at the headquarters of the JAL Group in Tokyo where its President Masaru Onishi will receive the “FlightStats 2010 On-Time Performance Service Awards” for both airlines from Mr. Jeffrey Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Conducive Technology Corporation.


“We could not have achieved this without the understanding and cooperation of valued passengers who arrive at their boarding gates promptly, and without the dedication and efforts of our employees,” said Masaru Onishi. “We would like to thank them for ensuring the on-time departures and arrivals of our flights and thereby help us retain this title for a second year.”

The JAL Group is firmly committed to providing customers with the safest standards in flight operations and high quality products and services. It also regards punctuality as a fundamental quality of an airline group and will continue to endeavor to maintain on-time departures so as to be a reliable carrier of customers’ choice.

*1 Conducive Technology Corp. is a data services provider focused on delivering innovative information solutions to the travel and logistics industries (www.conducivetech.com). Conducive's FlightStats (www.flightstats.com) product delivers real-time and historical flight performance information. Conducive Technology has broad experience in travel, including development of high-volume e-commerce web sites and web infrastructure for several major airlines. The privately held company is led by President Jeffrey Kennedy and is based in Portland, Oregon.

*2 The FlightStats On-time Performance Service (OPS) Awards recognize airlines around the world that deliver the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time or earlier.

*3 The 33 major global airlines evaluated for this award each operated more than 30,000 flights in 2010, in at least 3 of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the Pacific.

*4 The 9 Asian carriers evaluated for this award each operated more than 20,000 flights in Asia, in 2010


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