• October 12, 2011

JAL Rolls Out Special Liveried Aircraft JAL Eco Jet “Nature”

Advocating the importance of living in harmony with nature

TOKYO October 12, 2011: Japan Airlines (JAL) has rolled out a newly-painted Boeing 777-200 aircraft named JAL Eco Jet “Nature” that is specially decorated with logo marks of various environmental projects to which the JAL Group is lending support. It began operations with the fresh livery on September 30, flying mainly between Tokyo (Haneda) and Fukuoka, Osaka (Itami) and Sapporo.

As an Eco-First company, the JAL Group is committed to lessening the burden of its business operations on the environment and is also actively conveying the importance of conserving our natural environment to customers and the public through a wide range of undertakings.

A part of those endeavors include the introductions of the first Eco Jet in 2008 on domestic routes and subsequently a second one in 2009 that plied international routes. Both Boeing 777s were painted with a green-tailed version of the airline’s usually red Arc of the Sun livery, and later bore an additional logo of COP10 in 2010 on its fuselages when JAL supported the COP10 held last year in Nagoya, Japan.


Now, one of the two Eco Jets have been repainted with the airline’s new red circular crane livery featuring the Japanese red-crown crane which also brings to mind the nation’s rich natural beauty and biodiversity. With a focus on “Nature” as the key theme this time, logos of the various environmental projects were added. Raising awareness in ways such as this, JAL seeks to highlight environmental conservation efforts through its daily operations as an airline, and to implement innovative educational activities as well.

Additionally, from October 13 to November 30, 2011, JAL will be distributing to all customers onboard JAL Eco Jet “Nature” flights, a packet of “Eco Seeds” of the spring flower Swamp Chrysanthemum (Leucanthemum paludosum), to encourage the joys of planting and making the world a greener place. JAL will persevere in its various initiatives to promote the importance of harmony with nature and the protection of the environment.





JAL Eco Jet “Nature”
Logo Marks

Represented Project



Sky Eco

In harmony with Earth

The new Sky Eco mark signifying JAL’s commitment to the environment is of an origami plane flying around a globe encompassing images of various endangered species to represent living in harmony with nature.


United Nations

Decade on Biodiversity

JAL supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - a period during which countries and stakeholders are encouraged topromote biodiversity according to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity.


Sanriku Reconstruction National Park Initiative

It is an initiative established by the Ministry of Environment of Japan to build a long stretch of national park along the tsunami-hit Tohoku coastline, to promote recovery, boost employment, and encourage harmony between various industries like the fishing industry and the environment.


Tohoku Cotton Project

The Tohoku Cotton Project aims to aid the recovery of agricultural land damaged by the tsunami. Cotton is found to grow well in such saline conditions and also able to restore the quality of soil to allow rice to grow again in the future. The Project supports every stage from planting cotton to the sale of the end-products made of material spun from the cotton harvested.


JAL supports Tohoku and Tohoku Cotton Project

JAL is an official participating company in the Tohoku Cotton Project. The airline is promoting the Project through various communications channels such as articles in the airline’s in-flight magazine skyward, as well as planning to utilize and sell end- products made from Tohoku Cotton onboard its flights.










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