• January 10, 2012

JAL Refreshes In-flight Wine and Champagne Selection on International Routes

TOKYO January 10, 2012: Japan Airlines (JAL) has renewed its selection of wine and champagne onboard its international flights. A new line-up for JAL First Class will be served from January 11, while the new service for JAL Executive Class will roll out between the end of January and middle February, 2012.


The new list of wine and champagne was carefully chosen to marry JAL’s in-flight menu on international routes created in collaboration with various master chefs like Seiji Yamamoto from 3-star Michelin restaurant “RyuGin” in Roppongi, Tokyo. In a thorough selection process focused on finding compatible wines that complement and enhance the flavors of the meals served onboard, 19 types of wine, including New World wines, were singled out from 90 shortlisted labels narrowed down from an initial choice of 600.

JAL will be the only airline on which customers can savor the highly-esteemed Champagne Salon 1999 onboard First Class. Alternatively, customers can also choose to enjoy the prestigious Champagne Dom Perignon Vintage2003. Amongst the selection are also wines from acclaimed overseas Japanese winemaker Hiroyuki Kusuda, who’s Kusuda Wines Martinborough Syrah will be available on flights to Europe, while on flights to the U.S and Jakarta, Japanese owner of California winery, Kenzo Tsujimoto’s Kenzo Estate “Rindo” will be served. In Executive Class, customers will have nine distinguished wines from around the world to choose from, including the luxurious Champagne Joseph Perrier Cuvee Royale Brut.

The characteristics of the area from which the wine came from and the winemaking methods were factors taken into consideration in the strict selection led by Fumiko Arisaka - a renowned wine journalist, as well as wine advisor to JAL. Also involved in the process were some of JAL’s 630 plus cabin attendants who are qualified sommeliers, often offering customers information and suggestions on wine onboard.

Customers traveling on JAL in First and Executive Class can look forward to a premium time with a refreshed selection of high-quality wine onboard.

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