• January 20, 2012

Jean-Paul Hevin Creates Original Chocolates for JAL First and Executive Class

TOKYO January 20, 2012: This Valentine’s day, JAL will be receiving chocolates in a very special way and from none other than the award-winning master chocolatier himself - Mr. Jean-Paul Hevin. In an exclusive collaboration, Hevin has created original products for JAL to be served in First and Executive Class onboard international flights from February 14, 2012.


The Jean-Paul Hevin label (JPH label) of chocolates is a successful brand of gourmet chocolate with stylish stores in France, Japan and other parts of Asia. Reflecting his sentiments for Japan where he had spent a year and half leading a famous French pastry store in his early career and where he has opened successively eight shops such as in Shinjuku since 2002, Hevin aimed to encapsulate unique flavors in the new creations for JAL to bring across the elegance and sophistication he felt that were distinctive of the country and its people.





To create the best chocolates that can appeal to the delicate tastes of the Japanese people, the “Goldsmith of Chocolate” as he is often referred to, first sought the highest grades of cacao from Paris, to Venezuela. In the month-long process of formulating the right tastes with cacao from around the world, four JAL Original flavors were produced. Together with an assortment of existing flavors from the Jean-Paul Hevin label, it can be enjoyed onboard JAL’s First and Executive Class from next month.


After meal services in First Class, customers will be served individual pieces of Bonbon de Chocolat Arriba - a masterpiece chocolate of optimal blends of Grand Cru cacao beans, with a hint of vanilla. Customers can help themselves to boxes of Palets at the bar counter after the first meal on flights to North America and Europe routes, or Petits Palets on mid-distance, Asia routes. The Palets are an assortment of JAL Original chocolates and other existing chocolates from the JPH label made from Venezuela and African cacao beans.




Customers can enjoy these with JAL CAFE LINES coffee, whose producer and coffee-hunter Jose Yoshiaki Kawashima also cooperated in this tie-up to present the Jean-Paul Hevin JAL Original chocolates.  







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