• May 25, 2012

JAL and MOS Burger Presents [AIR MOS RICE BURGER] On Select Flights

TOKYO, May 25, 2012: Japan Airlines (JAL) and MOS FOOD SERVICES, INC. (MOS Burger) have teamed up once again and will be serving onboard select routes from June 1 to August 31, 2012 a new JAL Original version of another of the establishment’s specialty burger - the AIR MOS RICE BURGER.


AIR MOS RICE BURGER is adapted from MOS Burger’s popular MOS Rice Burger Kinpira which uses steamed rice patties instead of bread, to sandwich a generous serving of mixed vegetables and chicken strips. The filling includes burdock, lotus root, carrot, oyster mushrooms, black sesame, and Japanese chili pepper, and is sauteed in a light soy sauce and sweet miso paste to deliver a deep, rustic flavor of Japan.








AIR MOS RICE BURGER is the product of a second collaboration between JAL and MOS Burger. In response to positive reviews by customers after the introduction of the first - AIR MOS BURGER - a version of the company’s trademark Teriyaki Beef Burger between June and November last year, JAL decided to cooperate with various well-known Japanese restaurants and food chains to bring familiar favorites onboard for customers in a series of special in-flight meal tie-ups now known as AIR SERIES.


On select flights to Europe and U.S, AIR MOS RICE BURGER will be served in Premium Economy and Economy Class during a second meal service, and will be available to First and Executive Class customers anytime during the flight as part of the “Anytime You Wish*” service.


JAL will continue seeking ways to bring customers greater service through more delectable meal choices, hospitable services, and an enhanced onboard experience based on JAL’s customer service principles of [Tradition], [Innovation] and the [Heart of Japan].


*Anytime You Wish service: First and Executive Class customers may choose from a variety of Japanese and Western dishes anytime they wish after the first meal service.













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