• May 30, 2013

JAL offers [AIR KUMAMON] on the International Flights

TOKYO May 30, 2013: Japan Airlines (JAL) will serve [AIR KUMAMON], the 9th installment of the popular [AIR SERIES] in-flight meal for Premium Economy and Economy class on select North Amercian and European routes starting June 1, 2013.


JAL has cooperated with various well-known Japanese restaurants and food chains to offer passengers the most innovative line-up of in-flight meals[AIR SERIES]. This is the first time that JAL collaborates with the local government in Japan.


[AIR KUMAMON], using the package design of [KUMAMON] which is one of the most popular characters in Japan and from Kumamoto Prefecture located in center of Kyushu. The main dish, [TAIPIEN]*1 which is very well-liked local cuisine supervised by Chef Hayama from [Kourantei], an old Chinese restaurant in Kumamoto city.


JAL will continue seeking ways to bring passengers a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience through more delectable meal choices.


*1[TAIPIEN] is vermicelli in soup with vegetables and many other fresh ingredients which is the representative cuisine in Kumamoto Prefecture,Japan.



  【Outline of the new meal service


  (1) Available Period : June 1 - August 31, 2013


  (2) Eligible Routes :  From Tokyo(Narita)  to  New York, Boston, Chicago,

                                  Los Angeles, San Diego,

                                  London, Paris,Frankfurt, Helsinki*2

                                                                                       *2 The service will be offered from July 1 on Helsinki route


  (3) Eligible Class :  Premium Economy and Economy class


  (4) The Features of [AIR KUMAMON]


  ●Delicious Cuisine[TAIPIEN]

    The selected meal from [Kourantei], old Chinese restaurant. The vermicelli is made from mung bean leading to a very good taste and the flavor of soup presents beautiful balance of pork and chicken.


  ●Enjoy your meal in a special way

    Passengers are able to put grilled rice ball into the soup and enjoy the meal in the other way after having eaten vermicelli. It is absolutely JAL orginal flavor.




  ●KUMAMON custard cake

     KUMAMON custard cake is one of the most favourite desserts made by [Kumamoto Kabo], a famous sweet company in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.


  ● Package design

     The meal box, tray mat and the leaflet are specially designed by using the image of [KUMAMON] which is one of the most popular characters in Japan and from Kumamoto Prefecture.

     They are designed only for JAL by Mr. Manabu Mizuno who created the design of [KUMAMON]. Additionally, JAL will provide special tray mat with child in-flight meal during the summer holiday from July to August, 2013.




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