• July 22, 2013

JAL Tohoku Support Project “VISIT TOHOKU!” is in Progress

TOKYO July 19, 2013:On the basis of new JAL Group CSR Policy and delivering our gratitude to the society as well supporting the recovery of Tohoku, the airline has started JAL TOHOKU SUPPORT PROJECT“VISIT TOHOKU!” since June 1, 2013.*

*Please referring to the following link for the press release of <JAL Starts Tohoku Support Project “VISIT TOHOKU!”>

 URL: http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201305/002527.html

 Today, with a view to “Local promotion” and “Support the disaster-affected inhabitants”, JAL is developing more detailed activities as follows.



1.      Assist Tohoku with the sale of its products


      Following the voice from our staff that we want to develop activities in Tokyo to support Tohoku, JAL decides to assist the prefectures in Tohoku with the sale of their products on a regular basis. As one part of “Keep going! JAL” activity in every month from September 2009, our flight crew and cabin crew from Tohoku with many colleagues from JAL group working together with people from Tohoku to promote the local products from their prefectures in front of JAL Plaza at Yurakucho, Tokyo. Furthermore we distribute the sightseeing pamphlets with handwritten message cards from our staff to appeal people to visit Tohoku. JAL collaborated with Miyagi Prefecture in June and with Akita Prefecture in July as well as Fukushima Prefecture in August 2013 to promote their local products and it will be sequentially expanded to six prefectures in Tohoku.


20130722_Tohoku_fig2.jpg 20130722_Tohoku_fig3.jpg

2.      Encourage JAL Group employees to visit Tohoku

      In response to aspirations from the local residents in Tohoku as “Visit disaster-affected areas, shopping here, and need your assistance for the revival”, JAL Group employees have voluntarily prepared to visit Tohoku. JAL Group  has developed the employee training course in disaster-affected area, through this course to improve our employees' consciousness for contribution to society and moreover accommodations and shopping in the disaster-affected area to contribute to the revival of local economy. Our employees will participate in the volunteer activities in the disaster-affected area and communicate with local residents. JAL Group employees will take the first step to visit Sanriku coast in Miyagi Prefecture from September, 2013 and plan to visit the other areas in Tohoku in the future, too.


3. Gifts for smiling face

      JAL starts a project of "Gifts for smiling face" to support Tohoku in this summer. This project is aim to refresh and encourage  the children and their families who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake. JAL Group employees have voluntarily conducted donation for this project and the airline decided to donate the same sum of money as our voluntary employees’ contribution to this project as well. JAL invites 52 residents 20 families to have a trip to Okinawa by the end of this July. The airline will continue to invite children and their families in the other Tohoku areas to take part in this project in the future.


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