• July 29, 2013

JAL to Further Expand the Line-up of [SKY MANGA], the World’s First In-flight Entertainment Service ~The English version of manga will be available~

TOKYO July 29, 2013: Japan Airlines (JAL) will further expand the line-up of [SKY MANGA], the in-flight entertainment service from August 2013. It is the world’s first in-flight entertainment service available on the airline’s Boeing 787s on the international routes with the view of introducing Japanese manga to the world. It has received favorable notice from our passengers.

The English version of electronic manga will be available from August 2013.The line-up of [SKY MANGA] will be updated every three months. There will be 30 volumes of manga in English version onboard at the start like as [One Piece] and [Dragon Ball] etc.

Movies coming from Manga have been increased in recent years. JAL plans to provide the same electronic Manga while its movie is presented in the in-flight entertainment service so that the same works can be enjoyed in the different ways. [One Piece] will be shown with two patterns of electronic manga in Japanese and English version and movie in August.

JAL is continually striving to bring passengers a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience with the expansion of the in-flight entertainment service.


The description of refreshing [SKY MANGA]

1.      The start of service: From August 1, 2013*

2.      Eligible routes and classes: All classes of Boeing 787s on international routes

3.      Line-up:  38 sets and 100 volumes of books in Japanese version

             6 sets and 30 volumes of books in English version

             (Line-up will be updated every three months)

             For the details, please view the reference as follows

4.      Others: The technology for the viewer of electronic books is supported by eBook Initiative Japan Co., Ltd.

*The start of service might be changed due to ship rotation etc. 


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*Please see the attached file.

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