• September 03, 2013

JAL President To Participate in LinkedIn’s Influencer Program

TOKYO September 3, 2013: JAL’s Representative Director, President Yoshiharu Ueki has received an invitation from LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, to participate in LinkedIn’s Influencer Program, and has decided to officially participate in this ‘invitation-only’ program.



Today, President Ueki presented his first message in English. Titled “Whether you are a pilot or a business leader, it's all about the destination,” the President, with a rare flying career as a former JAL pilot, explains what is common between flying and running a company while sharing his experiences. His message is uploaded to Influencer in LinkedIn Today over LinkedIn’s website.

 (URL:  https://www.linkedin.com/today/influencer?authorId=260379270



His messages will be uploaded at a pace of once a month. President Ueki plans to convey to the over 200 million users of LinkedIn around the world about JAL’s spirit of hospitability, its attentive and refined sensitivity, and noble spirit, which only an airline born and nurtured in Japan like JAL can deliver.




■What is LinkedIn (LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ )?

After the site was launched in 2003, it operated a business-oriented SNS to link global professionals in order to increase their productivity and success. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with 238 million members around the world. It members include executives from all Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn’s business model is composed of talent solutions, marketing solutions, and premium subscriptions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has offices located worldwide.

■What is the LinkedIn Influencer Program?

It is a program on LinkedIn to share useful information, advice, and first-hand experience from over 300 of the world’s most notable leaders. Members include Shinzo Abe (Japanese PM), Barack Obama (U.S. President), David Cameron (British PM), Bill Gates (Chairman of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Jack Welch (former President & CEO of General Electric), and Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten CEO).


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