• September 19, 2013

JAL Smartphone Service Awarded “Best Use of Mobile Technology” by the Future Travel Experience Global 2013

TOKYO September 19, 2013: JAL’s smartphone service was awarded “Best Use of Mobile Technology” by the Future Travel Experience (FTE *1) of PPS Publications (*2), at the FTE GLOBAL 2013 Awards (*3) held in Las Vegas, USA.

The “Best Use of Mobile Technology” award is one of the awards recognized by the FTE Awards of PPS Publications. JAL is the first Japanese airline to win the “Best Use of Mobile Technology” award.

*1FTEFuture Travel Experiencehttp://www.futuretravelexperience.com/

*2PPS Publications http://www.pps-publications.com/

*3FTE GLOBAL 2013 http://www.futuretravelexperience.com/fte2013/



[FTE’s Review of JAL’s Mobile Services]


JAL was recognized for utilizing mobile technology for the benefit of passenger convenience:


   In addition to using smartphones to book and purchase flights, passengers can access security checkpoints and board their flights with the global standard NFC (Near Field Communication) boarding passes using smartphones.


    Passengers can be shown directions to boarding gates at the Haneda Airport terminal in three-dimensional augmented reality. Arrows are shown on smartphone camera screens to indicate directions. Passengers can also view live video feeds of queues at security lanes to assess waiting times.


    Passengers can view live cameras at 10 major airports to check weather conditions using a smartphone app.


    Passengers can access information on local events in Japan recommended by JAL staff nationwide.


    Other JAL services that are available for iOS and Android devices.


JAL is continually striving to deliver all passengers heartfelt hospitality through innovative and inspiring smartphone experiences.




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