• October 28, 2013

JAL to Introduce Fully Revamped Cabin Interiors and New In-flight Internet Service on Select Domestic Routes

 Welcome! JAL New Skyspreads its wings across Japan

TOKYO October 28, 2013: Japan Airlines (JAL) announced today that it will further expand its JAL NEW SKY PROJECT and install in-flight Internet service on select Japan-domestic flights.

JAL NEW SKY PROJECT was initially launched by the airline in January 2013 with the introduction of the JAL SKY SUITE 777 on international routes. The revamped aircraft boasts increased comfort and functionality in all classes based on the theme Designed to evoke a one-class higher feel. Leading the redesign are the airlines new fully-flat seats in JAL Business Class.  Furthermore, the new JAL SKY SUITE 767 will be introduced onto select international flights starting in December 2013.

As part of this latest Project, JAL will revamp cabin interiors on aircraft operating on select domestic routes, which will include the installation of leather seating and LED lighting throughout the cabin based on the theme Superior Cabin. Another highlight of the new Economy class seat is a slim-style seatback design resulting in approximately 5cm (max.) more legroom than the present seat pitch, providing customers with a more comfortable travel experience.

Additionally, in-flight Internet service, currently available on select JAL international flights from July 2012, will be first installed onto select Japan-domestic flights.

JAL is continually striving to bring passengers a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience with the expansion of JAL NEW SKY PROJECT - Welcome! JAL New Sky.


1. Revamped cabin interiors for select domestic flights   

(1) Outline 

Domestic aircraft types: Boeing 777200/300

                                         Boeing 767300/300ER

                                               Boeing 737800

                                              (Total of 77 aircraft based on the current plan)

 New domestic service launch: From May 2014*1

*1A detailed schedule for the introduction of the new domestic service will be announced as soon as it has been finalized.


(2) New seats

The new leather seating in J-class and Economy class will be made from the same high-quality genuine leather used for seats installed in luxury vehicles. The airlines plan is to revamp all the cabin seats in both classes on select domestic routes. In addition, carpet installed throughout the cabin will also be replaced to match the redesigned interiors.


Economy class

.A slim-style seatback design results in approximately 5cm (max.) more legroom than the present seat pitch.

.The all-leather seats are molded to better fit the natural contour of the passengers back and overall body, providing significantly more comfort.

.The light-weight material helps to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.



Class J

Seating in JAL’s popular Class J will offer slightly wider space for passengers to enjoy their time in-flight, and the new genuine leather covered seats will evoke a feeling of luxury.



(3)LED lighting in cabin

Based on the concept “air-like lighting”, the cabin atmosphere can be easily changed according to the flight hours, the season, and the natural rhythm of time to create a relaxing ambience and a feeling of Japan.

20131028_DOM_Interia_fig3_Eng.jpg                           20131028_DOM_Interia_fig4_Eng.jpg

Lighting based on the time of daydaytime   Lighting based on the season (spring)

(4) First class service to be installed onto some Boeing 767-300ER

The popular First class service on present domestic flights will be expanded to domestic Boeing 767s.



2. The In-flight Internet service on domestic flights

Domestic aircraft types: Boeing 777200/300

Boeing 767300/300ER

                            Boeing 737800

                          (Total of 77 aircraft based on the current plan)


New domestic service launch: From Summer 2014*2

*2 A detailed schedule for the introduction of the new domestic service will be announced as soon as it has been finalized.


Description of the service:

To meet the customers needs for more wireless LAN terminals and connection facilities, and a high quality transmission environment within the cabin, JAL will be the first Japanese carrier ever to provide in-flight Internet service (fee based) on domestic flights from summer 2014, using Gogo®s *3 service. The domestic service enhancement is in addition to the in-flight Internet service currently available on JALs international flights, which aims to provide customers with a comfortable and convenient travel experience. On JAL domestic flights, passengers will be able to access the Internet and send/receive e-mails via Wi-Fi enabled personal terminals with a sense of security of being connected to the ground during the flight.

Details of JALs latest services including the new seats and new in-flight Internet service will be provided at the end of January 2014.


*3 Gogo Inc.

Location: Itasca, Illinois, US

President Michael Small

Founded in 1991

Business Gogo is the global leader of in-flight connectivity and wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions and began providing in-flight Internet service in the US by using ground waves in 2000. Using Gogo’s exclusive products and services, passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices can get online on more than 2,000 Gogo equipped commercial aircraft. In addition to its commercial airline business, Gogo has more than 6,500 business aircraft outfitted with its communications services.



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