• January 27, 2014

Quality Sleep with New Mattress and Pillow in JAL International First Class

- airweave mattress and pillow onboard JAL SKY SUITE 777 -

TOKYO January 27, 2014: Japan Airlines (JAL) has been providing airweave ® mattress and pillow in Business Class on JAL international routes. In response to the suggestion from many passengers, the airline has started to introduce them in First Class from January 1, 2014 on international routes.

Highlights of the updated mattress include one surface is firm and the other surface is soft, dubbed “airweave DUAL MODE” served in First Class in JAL SKY SUITE 777. Passengers are able to make different choice by preference and enjoy more comfortable sleep during flights.

This specially designed airweave DUAL MODE supports the sleep of Japanese representatives for Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. From now on, our passengers are able to enjoy the same quality sleep in the sky, too.


[Outline of Service]

1.       Effective Period: From January 1 ,2014


2.       Applicable routes*1: Tokyo to and from London,

New York and Los Angeles

*1 Plan to introduce on routes Tokyo to and from Chicago and Paris.


3.       Applicable Class: First Class on International routes


4.       Applicable Aircraft: JAL SKY SUITE 777

20140127_エアウィーヴ_fig1 - ENG.jpg

5.  Products:

(1) Mattress: airweave DUAL MODE designed for First Class in JAL SKY SUITE 777

In airweave mattress, Density of material is gently changed into many layers creates comfortable bed functioned with firm and soft at both surfaces separately. Additionally, increased density of material can perfectly support the waist and provide ideal lying posture. It is the special design for the First Class seats in JAL SKY SUITE 777.

20140127_エアウィーヴ_fig2 - ENG.jpg 20140127_エアウィーヴ_fig3 - ENG.jpg

 #Above photos are images only.


(2) Pillow*2: airweave pillow S-LINE designed for JAL SKY SUITE 777

Increased resilience at both ends ensures ideal lying posture for head and soothes head and shoulder.

*2 airweave pillow for First Class in JAL SKY SUITE 777 is a different design with airweave goods on the market.

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