• June 03, 2014

JAL to Launch Hokkaido Campaign to Introduce Exclusive Offers to Worldwide Customers

TOKYO June 03, 2014: Japan Airlines (JAL) announced the launch of Hokkaido Campaign on its overseas website (www.jal.com) covering 26 regions. During the campaign period effective from June 3, 2014 to March 31, 2015, customers flying JAL can enjoy rewards and privileges for dining, shopping, sightseeing and tourist activities at over 100 selected shops or facilities in Hokkaido Prefecture of Japan.




These offers are named HAPPIRKA* offers, which are initially available in form of a Japanese coupon pamphlet distributed on JAL domestic flights to Hokkaido. To invite more customers around the world to enjoy the benefits of selecting JAL flights, JAL introduces these popular offers in more languages (English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) on its overseas website.  

*“HAPPIRKA” is coined from “Happy” and “Pirka”, which means “beautiful” in Ainu language than spoken by Ainu ethnic group in Hokkaido.


From the perspective of providing convenience to overseas travelers to Japan, JAL makes HAPPIRKA offers easy to use and specially designed both PC and mobile sites for the campaign.


Simple Steps to Use the HAPPIRKA Offers


l  Capture a screenshot (or print out) the webpage of HAPPIRKA offer

l  Present it together with their JAL boarding pass (or e-ticket) to the applicable shop or facility

Convenient Features of the Campaign Websites


l  Shop rankings and recommendation are automatically refreshed by the number of visitors, which allows customers never miss the most chosen offers and trendy spots in Hokkaido.

l  Various sorting criteria are set to enable customers to search shops and offers according to different needs.

l  Smartphone users can even search shops and offers nearby during their trips in Hokkaido on mobile site (subject to the GPS function on device).


Be a home airline of Japan, JAL challenges to develop more innovative products to deliver a refreshing and convenient travel experience to customers both in the air and on the ground. With the utilization of its e-channel, JAL strives to introduce fascinating contents and useful travel information in Japan on its “Guide to Japan” website, and continues to launch more attractive campaigns to support our customers’ journeys.


URL for Smartphone (English): http://trip.jal.co.jp/ovs_search/hokkaido/en/sp

URL for PC (example: The Americas): http://www.ar.jal.com/en/hokkaido/

*Please see the attached file.
20140603 JAL to Extend Hokkaido Campaign Abroad with Multilingual Contents.pdf




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