• June 24, 2014

JAL Provides Multilingual Reservation Service on Its Korea Website

TOKYO June 24, 2014: Japan Airlines (JAL) implemented online reservation and ticket purchasing service in English and Japanese languages on its Korea website (http://www.kr.jal.com/), in addition to the existing Korean language. This new service enables non-Korean users to purchase tickets on JAL’s Korea website more smoothly.


To provide better convenience to a broader range of customers in using JAL’s online service, English and Japanese users can not only check flight information, but also purchase JAL tickets on its Korea website from now on.


The new English and Japanese online reservation service features a clear, easy-to-read layout, which has gained favorable reputation on other regional websites. Various functions, such as navigation panel, make it easier for customers to view the information provided along the booking process.


JAL will continue to strive for further improvements in the quality of service, based on a commitment to “reliability and hospitality”. With fulfilling the role of "Japan’s wings", the airline will embrace new challenges to meet the demand of travel from within emerging Asia to Japan, and welcome more overseas visitors to Japan.


* English site of JAL’s Korea website: http://www.kr.jal.com/krl/en/

* Japanese site of JAL’s Korea website: http://www.kr.jal.com/krl/ja/


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