• June 30, 2014

JAL Introduces “JAL SKY Wi-Fi” on Select Domestic Routes from July 23, 2014

~ The second activity under the banner “Embrace New Challenges JAL”~

TOKYO June 30, 2014:  Japan Airlines (JAL) will be the first Japanese airline to introduce the in-flight internet service (JAL SKY Wi-Fi)*1 on domestic routes. This new service will onboard the revamped aircraft-JAL SKY NEXT, operated between Tokyo (Haneda) and Osaka (Itami), Fukuoka as well as Hakodate from July 23, 2014.

Under the theme of "A standard that's a step ahead", in addition to the introduction of new cabin interiors, the new in-flight internet service will support onboard passengers to have seamless connectivity with the ground. JAL SKY Wi-Fi will be progressively expanded to 77 domestic aircraft including JAL's Boeing 777s, 767s and 737s through FY2016.

JAL will strive to provide customers with new and innovative products and services under the banner “Embrace New Challenges JAL”.

20140630_SKY WIFI_fig1.jpg

*1. Please refer to press release on Oct. 28, 2013-“JAL to Introduce Fully Revamped Cabin Interiors and New In-flight Internet Service on Select Domestic Routes” (http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201310/002694.html)

In-flight internet service on domestic routes

1. Launch date:                from July 23, 2014

2. Available routes:         Routes operated by revamped aircraft-JAL SKY NEXT

Select flights on Haneda=Itami, Haneda=Fukuoka, and Haneda=Hakodate


Select flights on Haneda=Sapporo (New Chitose), starting August*2.

*2. The flight information about JAL SKY NEXT, Please refer the link below one day before the flight departure.

URL: https://fltinfo.5971.jal.co.jp/rsv/ArrivalAndDepartureInput_en.do

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3. Service details

In-flight entertainment (free service)

Rich video content, including sport, gourmet, music and animation is delivered free through the onboard Wi-Fi network. Passengers can enjoy them through their own wireless LAN capable device in addition to check flight information and the JAL website free of charge.

In-flight internet (paid service)

JAL will be the first Japanese airline to provide in-flight internet service on domestic routes by using the satellite connectivity service of the U. S. company gogo. Customers will be able to use the internet and email through their own wireless LAN capable devices, including smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.



<Usage fare>

An half hour plan: JPY 400/30 minutes

Flight plan (use the service during a flight and no time limit, please refer to the tariff below)


Device Type

Below 450 miles

(Haneda=Osaka etc.)

451-650 miles

(Haneda=Fukuoka etc.)

Above 651 miles

(Haneda=Okinawa etc.)


JPY 500

JPY 500

JPY 700

Tablet and notebook PC

JPY 500

JPY 700

JPY 1,200

* Usage fee is to be paid by credit card only.

* The device type can be recognized automatically.


<JAL SKY Wi-Fi portal site>           

portal site.jpg


<SKY RURUBU (travel information)>

20140630_SKY WIFI_fig4.jpg


a. The applicable flights can be checked on JAL website from around 21:00 on July 23 2014(planned).

applicable flight.jpg

b.  The applicable aircraft with JAL SKY Wi-Fi logo

    JAL SKY Wi-Fi logo will be marked nearby cabin doors and on the wall in cabin.

20140630_SKY WIFI_fig6.jpg

20140630_SKY WIFI_fig7.jpg

5. JAL Mileage Bank campaign

The start date of promotion campaign for JAL mileage Bank (JMB) members will be introduced by the end of August (planned).


6. Connection speed and restrictions

Regarding the Wi-Fi sent via communications satellites, some lags in speed might occur when downloading or streaming videos. To ensure the connection speed, the number of wireless LAN capable device will be restricted when using the in-flight internet service at the same time.

JAL will continue to improve this new service while monitoring passenger use.


*Please see the attached file.
20140630 JAL Introduces “JAL SKY Wi-Fi” on Select Domestic routes from July 23, 2014-1.pdf


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