• August 29, 2014

JAL Opens Revamped First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport International Terminal

TOKYO August 29, 2014: JAL Group (JAL) today announced the opening of its revamped JAL First Class Lounge at International Terminal of Haneda Airport from August 29, 2014, following the update of Sakura Lounges in March.

The design of space in new JAL First Class Lounge features Japanese tradition in a modern way. In order to deliver the maximum hospitality to every customer, after many rounds of discussion with advisors of new products and services, including Mr. Kundo Koyama, JAL has selected live Teppan-yaki Service, Shoeshine Service and the wall painting art created by master of Japanese plasterer to deliver the ultimate relaxation and excitement for the journey in JAL First Class Lounge. JAL provides finest service for each customer with the utmost hospitality.

JAL will continually embrace new challenges to provide customers with the most comfortable experience when staying with Japan Airlines.

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1.       Teppan Dining -Live cooking and refreshing repast

In addition to buffet in JAL First Class Lounge, JAL challenges the new service to offer “freshly cooked meal” before boarding, at “Teppan Dining”. “Teppan-yaki”-one of the representative dishes in Japan is offered for customers to enjoy brisk live cooking.

Specially made pancakes, Black Berkshire pork and Japanese black beef hamburger steak with JAL Original Sauce will be served in “Teppan Dining” menu.  JAL will keep developing new menu.

Dining place:        Dining area in JAL First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport International Terminal

Service time:         7:00 ~ 11:30        Specially made Pancakes

                            18:30 ~ 23:30        Black Berkshire pork and Japanese black beef hamburger steak with JAL Original Sauce



At Narita Airport, customers in JAL First Class Lounge can enjoy Nigirizushi (sushi shaped by hand) made by professional sushi chef on the spot.

Dining place:       JAL First Class Lounge on the 3rd level,

                            Main building of Terminal 2 at Narita Airport

Service time:    7:00 ~ 12:30, 15:00 ~ 20:00


2.       Shoeshine Service (In collaboration with JOHN LOBB)

JAL is collaborated with JOHN LOBB to provide shoeshine service in RED SUITE’s Library room in JAL First Class Lounge. Carefully polished shoes by professional staff will make you feel refreshed ready for the journey.

Place: RED SUITE in JAL First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport International Terminal

Reception: Dedicated staff in Library room of RED SUITE is at your service.

Service time: 7:00 ~ 12:00, 17:30 ~ 23:30(Service time is subject to change)


Additionally, the same shoeshine service will be available in JAL First Class Lounge at Narita Airport from September. (Place: JAL First Class Lounge on the 3rd level of the main building, Terminal 2 at Narita Airport)

3.       Outline of facilities in First Class Lounge

(1)    Facilities

 The space and the capacity of new JAL First Class Lounge are enlarged around threefold compare to the previous lounge.

(2)    Basic concepts

In cooperation with Mr. Kundo Koyama, the general advisor of new JAL products and services, same as new Sakura Lounges (*1) at Haneda International Terminal, Mr. Ryu Kosaka, one of the best interior designer from Japan, proposed the basic concept of “Modern Japanese Style”, and challenged the idea of “room to room” to create diverse yet tranquil spaces.

(*1) For more information about the revamped Sakura Lounges, please visit the release at:




(3)    New adult hideaway (RED SUITE)

The airline created a unique place at quiet corner in JAL First Class Lounge under the concept of “Rest in the secret hideaway for a while before start on a journey”.

Additionally, some historical articles provided by JAL Archive are displayed in RED SUITE, like flight crew’s bag from 50’s and indicators in cockpit. The airline is looking forward to delivering a surprising experience to customers before their departure. Thus, we decided to name the suite “RED” which symbolizes elation.

[Library room]

Embraced by exhibits from JAL Archive, various books featuring worldwide travel and culture can be found in this Library room with relaxing and intellectual atmosphere. The main room of “RED SUITE”.


[Gallery room]

Private room especially for air travelers, the collections in this Gallery room, including items from JAL Archive will recall the exciting trip in the sky.


[Play room]

Enjoy your time by playing chess or soccer game here before boarding. The real flight route maps are covering the walls.


[Bar room]

Enjoy Laurent-Perrier Champagne and select Japanese sake from Hasegawa Saketen with perfect wine glass-made by Riedel.


(4)    Wall Art created by Mr. Syuhei Hasado

The Wall Art-“Contrail - a track of sky and wing”, created by Mr. Syuhei Hasado, Japanese plaster craftsman, is welcoming customer making them feel like walking into the sky uplifting their mood.


4.       Be refreshed before departure

New JAL First Class Lounge continues to provide the following services.

● Relaxation Service by dedicated staff

● Massage Chairs

●Shower room

5.       Deliver the charm of Japanese sake to the world

In cooperation with Hasegawa Saketen, the well-known sake distributor, JAL First Class Lounge will provide three exclusive sakes by the season (*2).

(*2)Same service is available in JAL First Class International Lounge at Narita Airport.

Additionally two kinds of sake by the season are available in JAL Sakura International Lounges at Haneda and Narita Airport.

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