• October 08, 2014

JAL Releases Japan Travel Information “Guide to Japan” in Chinese

TOKYO October 8, 2014: Japan Airlines (JAL) launched the travel information section - “Guide to Japan” in Chinese on its regional sites of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan*. Already available in English currently, it is the first time for “Guide to Japan” to be translated to other languages. By introducing this popular section in Chinese, which has large population of speakers in the world, another wide range of foreign visitors are able to discover Japan’s beauty and the joy of traveling in Japan on JAL’s overseas website (www.jal.com), in more convenient way.

*Languages and URLs:

Simplified Chinese: www.cn.jal.com/cnl/zhcn/guidetojapan/

Hong Kong Traditional Chinese: www.hk.jal.com/hkl/zhhk/guidetojapan/

Taiwan Traditional Chinese: www.tw.jal.com/twl/zhtw/guidetojapan/

The Chinese versions of “Guide to Japan” also cover the following wonderful contents:


Japan’s unique customs expressed in a humorous tone and eye catching illustration

·JAL Staff Selection

Original ideas of travel in Japan shared by JAL’s cabin attendants and global staffs


How JAL delivers the spirit of Japanese hospitality to its customers in different aspects

·About Japan

Introductions on Japan’s seasons, cuisine, tradition and subculture

·Destination and Theme

Information about sightseeing spots, cultural experiences, events and festivals

·Travel Information

Useful information for assisting visitors to plan their trips to Japan

Other existing user-friendly and interactive elements are also available in the Chinese “Guide to Japan”. For example, thematically designed maps and event calendar for easier accessing to different sightseeing spots, “Clip” function for saving choices for later review, “Suki!” button for voting for favorite spots.

Under the banner of “Embrace new Challenges JAL”, the airline will continue to promote the attractiveness of Japan and welcome worldwide visitors to Japan by selecting JAL.


About “Guide to Japan”

Since its launch in 2005, “Guide to Japan” has become a popular travel information section under JAL overseas website (www.jal.com) in 26 regions. In March 2014, it was completely renewed with a challenging style. Its humorous writing tone, informative contents and interactive layout are attracting numbers of visitors to explore the information about Japan. Contents are basically updated every month to keep visitors staying with new information about Japan.


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