• December 02, 2014

JAL And Wi2 Provide Overseas Travelers to Japan With Free Wi-Fi Access Throughout The Country

TOKYO December 2, 2014: Japan Airlines (JAL) and Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. (Wi2) announced today that they will begin offering free Wi-Fi service access throughout Japan to overseas travelers who fly to the country with JAL.

Starting December 2, 2014, eligible customers can obtain an ID and password from JAL overseas English-language websites allowing them to connect the Wi2 Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) service free-of-charge while they are in Japan for up to 7 days.

“We are pleased to enter into a cooperation with Wi2 so that we can provide our overseas customers traveling to Japan with an even higher level of service,” said Yoshiharu Ueki, President of Japan Airlines. “And we hope our customers will have a more enjoyable visit because they can now more easily stay connected.”

“Wi2 300 Wi-Fi service offers a high-speed internet service at more than 200,000 hotspots nationwide,” said Koji Otsuka, President of Wi2 in Tokyo. “Travelers can enjoy high-speed internet with handheld Wi-Fi enabled devices as if they were at home.”

ID and password for this 7-day free Wi-Fi service can be obtained on JAL overseas English websites from December 2, 2014. JAL will progressively build the page for this service on its other ten foreign language websites.

Where to Obtain The Free Wi-Fi ID And Password:


 <Example: JAL Overseas Website in English>


How To Use Wi2 300 Free Wi-Fi Service And The Service Areas:

Wi2 300 Wi-Fi Service areas include airports, train stations and caf・ etc. The sticker with the sign of Wi2 300 is displayed in the service areas. For more information, please visit: http://wi2.co.jp/en/300


The sign for Wi2 300


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