• December 19, 2014

Japan Airlines Changes Revenue Management System to PROS O&D

~ Newly-Adopted Forecasting Technologies Optimize Revenue and Improve Customer Booking Process ~

TOKYO December 19, 2014: As part of the its IT renovation plan, Japan Airlines (JAL) announced that it has changed its Revenue Management System (RMS), a tool for predicting consumer behavior on passenger flight booking products, to U.S.-based PROS (*1) O&D (*2) Revenue Management.

The new Revenue Management System offers highly-effective forecasting technologies to precisely predict demand and show-up behavior on international and domestic passenger flights to maximize network revenues and improve the airline’s competitive position in the marketplace. Additionally, JAL customers benefit from the PROS O&D system because of its greater accuracy to identify flight availability resulting in less waitlisted segments and more timely flight confirmations. The system also better recognizes multi-segment itineraries because of its origin and destination logic, which is particularly beneficial for connecting passengers.

The new PROS O&D Revenue Management allows JAL to:

-Integrate both domestic and international RMS into one while delivering timely and seamless services to its global customers.

-Shift from a “Leg/Segment” (flight-by-flight) basis to a “Network” basis with an optimization model and improving revenue streams more effectively(*3).

JAL continues to strive to provide its customers with more convenience and high-quality services and products by renovating its IT systems.


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