• July 01, 2015

JAL Introduces JAL Countdown App for Android Wear

~ Track real-time flight status and board flights from your fingertips ~ 


Tokyo July 1, 2015: Japan Airlines (JAL) today announced the launch of “JAL Countdown” app for Android Wear (*1).  JAL Countdown app allows users to track real-time domestic flight status and proceed through boarding gates more conveniently and smoothly. This app will be available from Google PlayTM (*2) starting July 1, 2015, and will deliver various information to your device in a timely manner. 


(*1) An AndroidTM platform for wearable devices provided by GoogleTM

(*2) A service provided by Google to deliver digital contents (apps, movies, music, books) to Android devices


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Customers will be able to track real-time flight status, check details on boarding gates, boarding times, and receive alerts counting down to the flight’s departure - from a day ahead down to the hours, minutes and beyond.

The app also supports 2-dimensional bar-code “touch and go” systems so that customers can move through security checkpoints or enter boarding gates and lounges using Android Wear.

We will also launch an original Watch Face from JAL, featuring aircraft motifs. The clock’s second hand is designed with an airplane, counting down to the flight so that customers can shop and dine at ease before boarding.

JAL will continue to embrace new challenges of enhancing services for our customers to make boarding faster, smoother, and more convenient.

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JAL Countdown App for Android Wear

http://www.jal.co.jp/appli/ (PC and Smartphones) (Japanese only)

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