• August 20, 2015

Japan Airlines to Introduce New Autumn Menu Selections in its ‘Restaurant in the Sky’

~ Highlights include AIR Yoshinoya “ Beef Sukiyaki” and Japanese home-style favorites, produced by famous food stylist, Nami Iijima ~


TOKYO August 20, 2015: Japan Airlines (JAL) has been serving tasty and popular in-flight meals in Premium Economy and

Economy Class from JAL KITCHEN GALLERY onboard its Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia routes since January 2013

under the meal service concept of offering customers an “exclusive restaurant in the sky.”

From September 1, 2015, the airline will begin serving brand new menus on most international routes, which have been produced

by one of Japan’s most popular food stylists, Ms. Nami Iijima. Ms. Iijima is well known for her artistry in movies, dramas and

TV commercials, and today, she is a renowned author and menu planner for major corporations in Japan.

Additionally, No.17 of Japan Airlines AIR series In-flight menus, which have been well-received by JAL customers, will be

 “AIR Yoshinoya”. This 4th collaboration with Yoshinoya Holdings offers an enjoyable in-flight meal called “Beef Sukiyaki”

which originates from the popular menu item “Beef Sukiyaki NABEZEN.”

We will continue to embrace the challenge of delivering a delectable and refreshingly inspiring dining experience

in our “restaurant in the sky” that is available only onboard JAL flights.


20150820_FY15秋_fig1-eng.jpg 20150820_FY15秋_fig2-eng.jpg
“Braised Meat & Potatoes, Nikujaga with                                  AIR Yoshinoya “Beef Sukiyaki”
Green Soybean Rice” produced by Nami Iijima


1.JAL in-flight menus produced by Nami Iijima 


Food stylist Nami Iijima, renowned for supervising on-set meals in movies such as “Kamome Shokudo”, “Umimachi Diary” and “Shinya Shokudo”, has produced menus for JAL Premium Economy and Economy Class, comprising of popular Japanese home-style favorites. Her distinctive menus are delicately seasoned and while seemingly simple in style, customers are sure not to tire of them because of the refreshing taste. The new inflight menus have also been created to delight every customer. 


Applicable Class: Premium Economy and Economy Class


Effective Date: September 1, 2015 ~

Applicable Routes (from Japan only)

Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Boston, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Delhi, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to London, Paris, Singapore (JL037) and Bangkok (JL031).

Flights from Nagoya (Chubu) to Bangkok.

Flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles. 



Japanese Main Dish
“Braised Meat & Potatoes, Nikujaga with Green Soybean Rice”
The standard Japanese dish, “Nikujaga”, is transformed through Ms. Iijima’s creativity. Oyster sauce is the secret ingredient that produces a subtle, flavorful taste.




Western Main Dish

“Cabbage Roll with Tomato Rice”
We have introduced cabbage roll, a Western dish, as a new and relaxing main dish. Stewed in chicken broth,

enjoy the flavor of the tasty chicken soup absorbed in the cabbage roll, and tomato rice to accompany the dish.




2. Debut of AIR Yoshinoya “Beef Sukiyaki” 


““Beef Sukiyaki” uses the same fully aged meat as served in restaurant chain of Yoshinoya and has been adapted as an in-flight meal as “Beef Sukiyaki NABEZEN” with the same seasoned taste. Customers can also enjoy it by adding “Egg stock with soy sauce” according to their taste.

Applicable ClassPremium Economy and Economy Class                       

Effective Date: September 1 ~ November 30, 2015

Applicable Routes (from Japan only)

Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Boston, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris and Sydney,

Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to London and Paris,

Flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles.


20150820_FY15秋_Fig6-eng.jpg 20150820_FY15秋_fig7-eng.jpg


3.Fine selections of Japanese sakes

JAL will introduce a new lineup of the finest Japanese sakes onboard its international First and Business classes. The lineup includes select Japanese sake brands and rare high-profile brands that are hard to get. In First Class, enjoy JAL’s original “Isojiman” and “Dassai” available onboard JAL, and in Business Class, seasonal brands such as “Toyobijin and “Born” will be served.


First Class



Business Class


Applicable Class:  First Class and Business Class


Effective Date:  September 1 ~ November 30, 2015


Applicable routes:  All routes 


First Class

Business Class












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