• September 18, 2015

JAL Doubles In-flight Entertainment Programs on Its International Routes

~ More Select Movies, TV Series and Audio Programs on Demand ~



TOKYO September 18, 2015: Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to further improve its in-flight entertainment service on the international routes, starting October 2015. The number of in-flight entertainment programs will be doubled to more than 300 in January 2016. (*) Additionally, more movies can be screened in different languages to satisfy the wide range of customers on board.

*Available on aircraft equipped with MAGIC system V/VI.

JAL In-flight Entertainment

JAL fleet for international service is equipped with advanced in-flight entertainment systems, which provide customers with variety of movies, TV programs, music and games. It can be operated in Japanese, English, Hong Kong Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.


JAL Mooove! (In-flight Entertainment January 2016 ~)    

Movies:  80 movies

Videos:   108 programs

Audio:    115 channels

JAL Mooove!_20150919.jpg

“Jurassic World”  (October ~ December 2015)

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1.      Movies

JAL will offer more than 80 movies from the latest Hollywood movies to classics, which will be available in more than 14 languages, including: English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Thai, Hindi etc.

2.      Television Programs

Box sets of popular TV drama shows series will be available, including:

-“Downton Abbey Season 1” (November 2015 ~ February 2016)

-“Prison Break Season 1” (December 2015 ~ April 2016)

Updated destination guide videos of different regions in Japan will also be available with in-flight entertainment service.

3.      Audio

JAL is providing more than 100 audio programs and CD albums from variety of artists around the world, including music from hot pop to easy listening.

JAL will continually strive to deliver a unique and completely refreshing onboard experience to customers with the expansion of the in-flight entertainment service.

For more information, please check JAL website:  http://www.jal.co.jp/en/inflight/inter/entertainment/



*Please see the attached file.

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