• December 08, 2015

Japan Airlines Introduces Overseas Travelers to Japan with New Domestic Fare‐“Japan Explorer Pass”

Tokyo December 08, 2015: Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to introduce “Japan Explorer Pass,” a newly flexible fare designed to provide overseas visitors with more option on flights traveling in Japan. Reservations and sales are available from today (December 08, 2015).

 “Japan Explorer Pass” fare offers simple and affordable travel in Japan, which features:

 - online purchasing on JAL’s overseas websites easily

- one sector at 10,800 yen including tax, with maximum of five purchasable sectors

- available for purchasing up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of this domestic flight, even during your trip in Japan

- no restriction which airline you fly to and from Japan

20151208_JAPAN Fare fig1_eng.jpg

And this latest offering is:

- eligible for residents outside Japan (including Japanese customers with permanent residences in overseas)

- eligible for customers holding international air tickets to and from Japan

- eligible for domestic flights operated by JAL and JTA (Japan Transocean Air)

- not available for reservation change

- not available for refund

Reservations and sales started on the following websites with JAL:

The Americas:       http://www.world.jal.com/world/en/japan_explorer_pass/ar/

The U.K.:              http://www.world.jal.com/world/en/japan_explorer_pass/uk/

Hong Kong:          http://www.world.jal.com/world/en/japan_explorer_pass/hk/


1.     Passenger Facility Charge is subject to be required respectively.

2.     Sales have commenced on three overseas websites in English -- The Americas, The U.K. and Hong Kong, and will be progressively expanded to all 26 regions with multilingual services.

Existing fares called “oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare”, “oneworld Yokoso/Visit TOHOKU Fare” and “Welcome to Japan Fare” will continue to be offered at your nearest Japan Airlines office or travel agency.

More information about those existing fares, please visit:



JAL is operating more than 1,000 flights every day on its international and domestic routes, and the airline offers services to 59 domestic destinations across Japan. On JAL’s domestic services, the revamped aircraft, called JAL SKY NEXT with retrofitted cabins and JAL SKY Wi-Fi service are progressively being expanded.

JAL will be striving to bring greater convenience and benefits to overseas customers travelling in Japan, in order to boost the inbound traffic and contribute to vitalize local economies in Japan.

About JAL “Guide to Japan”

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For example for the Americas:



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