• April 21, 2016

JAL Introduces Brand New Child Meal Menus Developed by Its Star Chefs

“BEDD for Kids” in First and Business Classes on outbound international flights from Tokyo


Tokyo April 21, 2016: Japan Airlines (JAL) has been introducing high quality in-flight meals on its North America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia routes under the meal service concept of “JAL BEDD SKY AUBERGE”- your exclusive restaurant in the sky- since January 2013. 
From April 29, 2016, JAL will provide newly innovative child meal menus -- “BEDD for Kids” developed by its team of star chefs for children flying with JAL in First or Business Class on outbound international flights from Tokyo.
JAL will introduce a new child meal menu by Chef Seiji Yamamoto as the first installment, followed by the other newly delicious and healthy child meal menus created by star chefs Yosuke Suga, Fumiko Kono and Chikara Yamada separately.
JAL will continue to introduce the delectable and original meal service, and strive to deliver a surprising and delightful travel experience to customers.

BEDD for Kids
JGN16016_fig01_eng.jpg JGN16016_fig02_eng.jpg

Chef Seiji Yamamoto                       (Image of Child Meal in First Class)


Applicable class:            First Class and Business Class

Applicable route:           All international flights from Tokyo (Narita and Haneda)

                                          (Excluding breakfast menu on flights departing at midnight)

Eligible customer:         For children from 2 to 12 years of age 

Applicable period and chef in charge:

- April 29 ~ August 31, 2016                         ・・・Chef Seiji Yamamoto

- September 1 ~ November 30, 2016          ・・・Chef Yosuke Suga

- December 1, 2016 ~ February 28, 2017    ・・・Ms. Fumiko Kono

- March 1 ~ May 31, 2017                                          ・・・Chef Chikara Yamada

Closing time of reservation:

Telephone or e-mail:         Up to 24 hours before departure

JAL website:                     Up to 25 hours before departure


Overview of menu (BEDD for Kids by Chef Seiji Yamamoto):

This new menu was designed in the image of a candy box filled with meals from hors d’oevres to main dish, beautifully presented and arranged for delivering an enjoyable and delightful dining experience.


Amuse Bouche

-       Chilled Steamed Custard Parfait-style

Chilled steamed custard made with corn with cauliflower-cream on top. Enjoy the parfait-style with the chip snack PRETZ.




Hors d’oeuvre

-       Bite-size Tart

Tart made with crab mayonnaise salad with radish on top

-       Bite-size Crepe

Smoked-salmon and cream cheese Crepe

-       Bite-size Gougere

Tuna-potato salad of petit cream puff style





Main Dish

Bite-size style of favored menus by Kids

-       Omelette rice

-       Meat Croquette

-       Chicken rice

-       Beef sausage roll-up

-       Curried pilaf wrapped with fried bean curd

-       Bacon Egg Filling

-       Hamburger

-       Shrimp meat dumpling




-       Kids Pudding

Yogurt with cookie dough inside and strawberry sauce on top



JAL Original Kids Chopstick Setprovided only on flights from Japan to Honolulu and Guam

As a newly special service on Honolulu and Guam routes, the airline will provide a JAL Original Kids Chopstick Set to children ages 2-12 with in-flight child meal booking.


Applicable class:              Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class

Date effective:                  Departure flights on and after April 29, 2016 (Fri.)



The specially designed chopstick set enables children to enjoy their in-flight meal, and can be taken home as a good memory of their trips. “Airplane” attached on the case can be used as a chopstick rest. Additionally the tip of chopstick was designed in the shape of a jet engine.


JAL Original Kids Chopstick Set



“Airplane” turns into a chopstick rest.


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