• May 30, 2016

JAL Introduces New In-flight Japanese Menu Created by Chef Jun Kurogi on More International Routes

Tokyo May 30, 2016: Japan Airlines (JAL) is striving to serve the finest in-flight meals exceeding customer expectations on North America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia routes under the meal service concept of “JAL’s exclusive restaurant in the sky.”

Chef Jun Kurogi, new member of JAL’s dream team of star chefs, has introduced his first menu for JAL Business Class on select international routes since March 2016. Starting June 1, the airline will provide Chef Kurogi’s new Japanese menu on more international routes. The new menu highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients while engaging in dialogue with them to seek simply-seasoned, authentic Japanese cuisine.

JAL will continue to embrace new challenges of delivering the spirit of Japanese culture to both Japanese and overseas customers through its unique and delicious in-flight Japanese meals.

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Applicable Class: Business Class
Effective Date:     June 1, 2016 -
Applicable Routes:
Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Boston, New York (JFK), Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok
Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to London (LHR), Paris (CDG), Singapore and Bangkok
Flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles

Summer Menu (available from Jun 1 through Aug 31, 2016):

Summer Breeze  -Selection of seasonal colorful delicacies-

Hors d’oeuvre served in a traditional Bento (lunch box) decorated with Noshi (wrapping paper) and Mizuhiki (ceremonial string)

- Egg Rolls, Sweet-simmered Sweet Potato and Apricot in Syrup
- Japanese “Soba” (Noodles), dressed with Fish Roe
- Simmered Octopus, Simmered Pumpkin, Deep-fried Eggplant in
- Japanese Broth, Stir-fried, Mountain Asparagus & Carrot and Snow Pea
- Vinegared Eel & Cucumber with Mustard Vinegar Miso
- Kelp Flavored Sea-bream “Sashimi” Style
- Summer Vegetables & “Wakame” Seaweed with Citrus Soy Jelly and Marinated Celery

Enjoy both meat and fish served on one plate
- Japanese Style Stewed Beef Tongue
- Miso-marinated Black Cod

JAL’s online in-flight meal reservation service for Chef Kurogi’s menu is available now for flights departing from Japan between June 1 and October 29, 2016.

Jun Kurogi (KUROGI) was born on August 16, 1978 in Miyazaki Prefecture. Kurogi watched his father, also a chef, since he was a child. At the age of 18, he moved to Tokyo to become a chef. He had worked for some famous restaurants in his twenties, including the Japanese restaurant "Kyo-Aji." He became the owner and chief cook of ''Kurogi'' in 2010, and opened the Japanese confection store "Kuriya Kashi Kurogi" in 2014. Kurogi’s aim is to pursue authentic Japanese cuisine. His secret ingredient is “sincerity.” He engages in conversation with each ingredient to seek flavorful simply seasoned cuisine.
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