• December 27, 2016

JAL Introduces Japanese Sightseeing Information on Its International Flights

 As one initiative in JAL NEW・JAPAN PROJECT(*1), Japan Airlines (JAL) has been introducing Japanese sightseeing videos in the in-flight entertainment on select international flights since April 2016. These sightseeing videos (in English subtitles or voice) were developed by local governments for providing overseas customers with the related travel information across Japan.

(*1) JAL NEW・JAPAN PROJECT launched in September 2015 by Japan Airlines with the aim of supporting sustainable development of regional economies in cooperation with local government in Japan.

As the fourth installment, the videos about Tokushima Prefecture which has concluded the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with JAL, Shimane Prefecture which has organized a DMO (Destination Management / Marketing Organization) and been trying to increase the number of visitors from overseas, and Kushiro City, a Model Case(*2) in an attempt to attract more foreign tourists.

(*2) Regional tourism promotion initiative was launched by Japan Tourism Agency.

JAL will be continuing to introduce beautiful scenery and history of various places to overseas customers through its in-flight entertainment service.

◆ Running Period of the Video : January 1 ~ March 31, 2017

◆ Applicable Routes :  About 40 international routes
- Europe routes including London (LHR), Paris (CDG) and Moscow
- North America routes including New York (JFK), Los Angeles and Boston
- Asia routes including Delhi, Singapore, Bangkok and Hanoi

Note: These video channels are set in only JAL in-flight entertainment system MAGIC-V and MAGIC-VI



1. Tourism Promotion Video of Tokushima Prefecture

“TOKUSHIMA promotion video”


(Shikoku Pilgrim)

Tokushima lies in Shikoku, a famous for Buddhist pilgrims, and it’s also known for its fine craftworks.

(about ten-minute video with English voice)


2. Tourism Promotion Video of Shimane Prefecture

“Shimane’s Beautiful Scenery”


(Matsue Castle)

A long historical legacy is still apparent in Shimane with its Iwami Ginzan

Silver Mine, Matsue Castle and many other treasures.

(about twenty three-minute video with English subtitles and voice)


3. Tourism Promotion Video of Kushiro City

Kushiro Four Seasons


(Kushiro Wetland)

It introduces the highlights of each season such as Kushiro Wetland, Akan Lake, and Japanese cranes.

(about five-minute video with English subtitles)



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