• January 06, 2017

JAL to Serve Champagne Salon 2006 Vintage in First Class on Select International Routes Ahead of Sales to General Public

Japan Airlines (JAL) will serve Champagne Salon 2006 Vintage (hereinafter “Salon”) in First Class on select international routes ahead of sales to the general public in Japan (scheduled from spring).

JAL has approximately 770 qualified sommeliers among its cabin attendants (“flying sommeliers”), whose expertise and service have been acknowledged by Salon. Therefore, JAL will be the first global airline to serve Salon aboard its flights from 2017. Passengers flying JAL First Class will be able to enjoy the elegant taste of Salon, represented by Salon’s trademark “S.”

JAL will continue to embrace the challenge to offer various services in an effort to provide customers with a refreshing and inspiring travel experience.

【Overview of service】
Start of Service:       January 10, 2017 (Tue.)  ~ (starting January 11, 2017 (Wed.) for inbound flights)
Applicable Class:   International First Class
Applicable Routes:   Tokyo (Narita) = Chicago, New York (JFK) (JL006), Los Angeles,
                                Sydney and Jakarta
                                 Tokyo (Haneda) = San Francisco, London (LHR) and Paris (CDG)


【About Salon】
Salon is a champagne maison founded in Mesnil-sur-Oger in the province of Champagne in France in the early 1900s. It is known for its attention to detail, limiting production to only the finest years, and using the first squeeze of grapes to produce one type of champagne.
As the champagne is cellared for a long period, annual production is limited to some tens of thousands of bottles, compared to other champagnes which release some hundreds of thousands to some millions of bottles a year. Due to its scarcity, it is called “a very rare champagne.”
Salon President Didier Depond said: “In Salon, there is no such thing as perfection. We constantly pursue quality of the finest standards.” Salon continues to prove its unique individuality as a “very rare champagne” through quality management. It takes an average of ten years for aging from the time of harvest. The clear, concentrated essence of fruit produces a delicate, elegant style and fresh taste, which are changeless.


【Features of Salon 2006 Vintage】
The 2006 vintage was harvested in a relatively warm year. On the palate, it has a rich, fruity flavor reminiscent of well-matured grapes and tastes like citrus fruits blended with white pepper, matured Chinese quince, quicklime, and bread-like yeast. The complexity of the aromas and flavors is refreshing as well.


Salon President Didier Depond




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