• January 18, 2017

Launch of JAL Visit Japan Dynamic Package

 - First package tours in Japan tailored to meet needs of overseas visitors to Japan.

- The sales of initial package tour for travelers from Thailand starting January 17, 2017

The JAL Group subsidiary, JALPAK Co., Ltd. (JALPAK) is providing customers in its home market with online booking service to freely combine their flights and hotel accommodations(*1). Starting January 17, 2017, JALPAK provides overseas travelers to Japan with a new service called “JAL Visit Japan Dynamic Package.” The launch of this new service allows JALPAK to become the first Japanese travel agency to offer an online service designed for overseas travelers to Japan.

(*1) Domestic packages in Japan are called “JAL Dynamic Packages”, while overseas trips originating in Japan are called “JAL Overseas Dynamic Packages.”

By utilizing the experience gained from various domestic and international package tours provided to date, JALPAK decided to launch this new service catering to overseas travelers to Japan. The first package tours start with four JAL’s routes from Bangkok(*2).

(*2) Bangkok = Tokyo (Narita), Bangkok = Tokyo (Haneda), Bangkok = Nagoya (Chubu) and Bangkok = Osaka (Kansai)

As the initial installment, JALPAK will be offering this new service to customers from Thailand (Thai citizens and foreign residents(*3)), as further growth of individual travel demand from Bangkok thanks to rapidly improvement of its economy.

(*3) Japanese nationals are not eligible.

Accessing to the website of JAL Visit Japan Dynamic Package, customers can combine their international flights from/to Bangkok with JAL’s domestic flights. The airline’s extensive domestic network and a large number of selected hotel accommodations across Japan will offer customers more enjoyable and simpler way to plan their travel.

The JAL Group will continually embrace new challenges in order to welcome more overseas travelers to Japan.



Start of Sales:                  January 17, 2017

Start of Service:              Flights departing from Bangkok from January 2017

URL:                   www.th.jal.com/thl/en/jaldp/  (English)

                            www.th.jal.com/thl/th/jaldp/   (Thai)


・ It is possible to purchase a round trip international ticket between Bangkok and Japan, in addition to domestic flights connected, and choose accommodation from around 5,000 selected hotels to create customers’ own package tour.

・ Inbound travel insurance included, and any accidents or illnesses happened during the period of stay in Japan can be dealt with at designated hospitals, without using cash for payment.

・ As well as responding to queries prior to travel, JALPAK will also provide 24/7 emergency support to customers during their trips in Japan, with the aims of enabling overseas travelers to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable journey in Japan.



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