• January 31, 2017

JAL Launches Global Facebook Page

~ To Better Serve All Our International Customers ~


Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched a new global Facebook page in English, beginning January 31, 2017. (www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide/)

The new page will take over the previous “Japan Airlines Asia” page, as JAL hopes to broaden its reach to more and more people around the world.

The content will include the latest happenings at JAL, news, events, or promotions from local stations and airports worldwide, as well as travel information for tourists excited to see Japan from an insider’s perspective.


JAL will continue operating its Facebook pages below:

www.facebook.com/jal.japan/ (Japan)

www.facebook.com/japanairlines.hk/ (Hong Kong)

www.facebook.com/japanairlines.taiwan/ (Taiwan)

www.facebook.com/japanairlines.korea/ (Korea)

JAL is striving to reach a new and wider audience with engaging and fun content that will introduce the JAL brand across the world on this popular social network platform.



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