• March 03, 2017

Japan Airlines Receives 2017 J-Win Diversity Award

~ The First Airline Honored with This Prestigious Award ~


Japan Airlines (JAL) was selected today as the top winner of the Basic Achievement Award in the J-Win Diversity Award 2017 sponsored by Specified Nonprofit Corporation, Japan Women’s Innovation Network (NPO Corporation J-Win).


The J-Win Diversity Award annually honors Japanese corporations which are advanced in accelerating Diversity & Inclusion. This is the tenth year of presentations since the award was initiated in 2008.


Takuya Oda, Executive Officer of Human Resources at Japan Airlines, said: “The JAL Group is proactively promoting diversity by harnessing the talents, experience, sensitivity and values of each employee, regardless of his or her attributes such as gender, company, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or gender identification.”

The JAL Group is particularly pursuing initiatives for women empowerment in order to achieve at least 20% female representation in senior management by the end of fiscal year 2023. It has employed both the top-down approach under the strong resolve and leadership of top management based on the JAL Philosophy and the bottom-up approach such as launching JAL Nadeshiko Lab(*) and establishing and disclosing numeric targets and action plans of every subsidiary company in Japan. As a result, the JAL Group has successively built a system to stimulate group-wide efforts to empower women in the workplace and build pipelines to nurture women leaders. In recognition of these efforts, the JAL Group was selected as winner of the J-Win Diversity Award for 2017.

Initiatives highly recognized by J-Win
1. Commitment by top management and strong promotion system
2. Bottom-up approach exemplified by JAL Nadeshiko Lab
(*) Nadeshiko Lab Project is a cross-functional team, founded in 2015, which is placed directly under the President. All consolidated subsidiaries in Japan take part in group-wide efforts to promote diversity.

The JAL Group remains committed to pursuing Diversity & Inclusion through JAL Nadeshiko Lab and other action plans in order to create a company environment in which a diverse range of human resources including women can thrive and maximize their potential.



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