• March 23, 2017

JAL Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand for the Third Consecutive Year

- Promoting diversity including active participation by women to provide customers with unparalleled service


Japan Airlines (JAL) today was designated as a Nadeshiko Brand enterprise for the third consecutive year by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The Nadeshiko Brand program is implemented every fiscal year as a joint effort by METI and TSE to select and announce companies that are promoting active participation by women. This program aims to introduce such companies as brand attractive for investors emphasizing efforts to increase corporate value in the medium and long term.

Highly evaluated points of JAL’s initiatives

- Communicating Top Management Commitment to promote active participation by women through messages from the President, etc.

- Including a clear statement on promoting active participation by women in management vision and management policy

- Establishing and implementing the principles and numeric targets for promoting active participation by women (e.g., ratio of women in management positions)

- Establishing programs for cross-section activities within the JAL Group to promote active participation by women

- Establishing a policy on workstyle innovation and implementation

Nadeshiko 2017.jpg

Progress of career support measures

- Expanding career development courses for female employees

- Introducing a mentoring system for female employees and promote communication between executives and female staff

- Holding awareness-raising seminars for managers

- Adopting a system to reflect managers’ efforts to develop subordinates in their performance evaluation

- Holding awareness-raising workshops to realize workstyle innovation

- Encouraging the use of systems which allow employees to work flexibly anywhere and anytime (e.g., telecommuting and flexible work-hour systems)

JAL will continue to embrace the challenge to advance diversity and support employees in performing well at their maximum potential.




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