• March 31, 2017

Newly Revamped "JAL Guide to Japan"

~ JAL introduces more foreign customers with the charms of Japan ~


Japan Airlines (JAL) has revamped the “JAL Guide to Japan” information site for foreign tourists on foreign regional JAL websites (www.jal.com) (*).

(*) 26 regions’ sites have been revamped, including the Australian regional website.


The “JAL Guide to Japan” has proved popular with users of the JAL website in 26 global regions since its launch in 2005. The travel information site began promoting the charms of Japan in nine languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong Traditional Chinese, Taiwan Traditional Chinese, French, German, Russian, Thai, and Korean). This improvement makes the site easier to read, easier to understand, and filled with more information than ever before.

In addition, the site will continue to evolve, with the addition of new contents in the future. JAL will continue to promote the charms of Japan to the world and to contribute to putting Japan on the map as a tourist destination. The airline will make constant efforts to welcome as many foreigners as possible to Japan.

Highlights of improvement

  • To improve user–friendliness, the new design of the site has adopted simpler and more comfortable interface even displayed on tablets.
  • New Japan sightseeing itineraries and an experience content section have been added featuring recommendations from foreigners living in Japan as well as JAL staff.
  • The design of the air ticket reservation search and purchase functions have also been upgraded to a newly easy-to-use design that enables the quick and easy reservation and purchase of air tickets. Additionally a new link to the JAL’s “Japan Explorer Pass” reservation and purchase page has been added. “Japan Explorer Pass” is a discounted domestic air fares for foreign visitors to access over 30 cities across JAL’s domestic network.


[Contents provided by the “JAL Guide to Japan”]

-  Basic information such as the four seasons, traditions, and history of Japan.

-  Travel information such as sightseeing and transportation in Japan

-  “Omotenashi” content presenting the JAL’s omotenashi (hospitality) at airports and in the air

-  “HOW TSU JAPAN” content that uses illustrations to explain the unique customs, manners, and knowledge of Japan to foreign visitors in a way that is easy to understand, so that they become a Japan tsu (expert)

Two Languages added for the mobile site of “JAL Guide to Japan”

JAL launched the travel information section – “JAL Guide to Japan” in Korean and Thai on each corresponding regional mobile site of JAL’s global website. With this move for information in more foreign languages, the number of language versions for this popular travel information services will be increased to nine with the existing languages of English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong Traditional Chinese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese. JAL wishes more overseas visitors can easily discover Japan’s beauty and a joy of traveling in Japan in more convenient way with these improvements.









Languages and URLs:

Korean:                            http://www.kr.jal.com/krl/sp/ko/guidetojapan/
Thai:                                 http://www.th.jal.com/thl/sp/th/guidetojapan/


English (ex. JAL’s Australia website): http://www.au.jal.com/world/sp/en/guidetojapan/

Under the banner “Embrace new Challenges”, JAL will continue to make good use of advanced technology and introduce more innovative ideas to deliver a convenient travel experience to customers.


About JAL “Guide to Japan”

Since its launch in 2005, “Guide to Japan” has become a popular travel information section under JAL global website (www.jal.com) in 26 regions. “Guide to Japan” even wins the Grandprix award in the promotion site category at the 2014 Japan Web Grandprix. “Guide to Japan” is now available in seven languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong Traditional Chinese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese. Contents are basically updated every month to keep visitors staying with new information about Japan and Japan’s “omotenashi”.


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