• June 22, 2017

Japan Airlines Introduces New JAL SKY SUITE Configured Boeing 787-9

~ JAL Offers comfortable space in the cabin catering to robust corporate demand ~


Japan Airlines (JAL) has been introducing the JAL SKY SUITE configured Boeing 777-300ER/-200ER, Boeing 767-300ER, and Boeing 787-8/-9 onto select international routes under the theme of “raising the notches one class above in all cabin services.” JAL today announced that the JAL SKY SUITE 787 family will welcome a new cabin configuration for its Boeing 787-9. The new JAL SKY SUITE 787-9 (SS9Ⅱ) will be operated on the Tokyo (Narita) = Kuala Lumpur route (JL723/JL724) starting the end of July 2017, and progressively expanded onto the other international routes.

Business Class will be retrofitted with the latest highly-reputed fully-flat seat “JAL SKY SUITE Ⅲ,” which was installed on the JAL SKY SUITE 777 aircraft (Boeing 777-200ER) last June. In addition to further expanding fully-flat Business Class seat service to meet robust corporate demand on medium- and long-haul international routes, more seats will be available in Business Class than the current Boeing 787-9. Premium Economy Class will be equipped with “JAL SKY PREMIUM” seat, which has received positive feedback on other JAL SKY SUITE aircraft, and Economy Class will be fitted with “JAL SKY WIDER” seat with 5 cm. increased seat pitch, thus offering “New Spacious Economy” seats on more international routes. While the industry norm is a 9-abreast economy layout for the Boeing 787s, JAL is the only airline in the world that continues to adopt an 8-abreast layout with increased seat width of approx. 5 cm. wider than the normal 9-abreast economy in an effort to provide customers with innovative products one step ahead of others.

JAL will continue to strive to provide every customer with new products and services under its banner “Embrace new Challenges” to deliver a great comfort in air travel.




jal 787.jpg


Overview of aircraft

1. Aircraft:                            The Boeing 787-9

2. The Start of Service:   July 31, 2017 ~ (“SS9Ⅱ”in flight timetable etc.)                                

3. Available Route:               Narita=Kuala Lumpur (except Tuesdays); Narita =Dalian (Tuesdays only)

Note: Schedule for launching the new service is subject to changes due to the delivery of aircraft. Please visit JAL website for latest information.

4. Classes and Seats:





787-9new configuration, SS9Ⅱ)

787-9 (SS9)

 Business Class

52 seats


44 seats


Premium Economy

35 seats


35 seats


Economy Class

116 seats


116 seats



203 seats

195 seats


Details of seats in each class

1. Business Class  : New fully-flat seat          

 business 1.jpg                     

(1) Seat name:                     JAL SKY SUITE Ⅲ

(2) Configuration:                1-2-1 (4-abreast)

(3) Max. bed length:            Approx. 198 cm according the location of the seat

(4) Bed width:                      Approx. 53cm (Approx. 74cm when removable armrest stowed)

(5) Seat width:                     Approx. 51 cm (between the armrests)

(6) Personal monitor:           17 inches

(7) Features:

- 1-2-1 configuration provides unobstructed aisle access from all seats

- Fully-flat seat with plenty of legroom to ensure a soothing rest

- Removable armrest on aisle side with storage for keeping small items

- Retractable privacy partition to meet needs for both privacy and communication with travel companion

- 17-inch large personal monitor

- Retractable large dining table suitable for working on your PC, etc., and storage to hold personal items create a comfortable private space

- Universal PC power outlet, USB port, and 4-stage adjustable LED light on all seats

  • business 2.jpg


  • business 3 - for press.jpg

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2. Premium Economy Class: More comfortable space than Economy Class

  • PM.jpg

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(1) Seat name:               JAL SKY PREMIUM

(2) Configuration:           2-3-2 (7-abreast)

(3) Seat pitch:                Approx. 107 cm. (*1)

(4) Seat width:               Approx. 49 cm. (between armrests) (*1)

(5) Personal monitor:     12.1 inches (10.6 inches for front row seats)  

(6) Features:

- Basic design and functions similar to current JAL SKY SUITE 777 and JAL SKY SUITE 787

- Seat pitch and seat width similar to initial Business Class 

- Fixed back structure provides relaxing space even when passenger seated in front reclines, and deep seat slide width

- Divider between seats for added privacy

- Plastic bottle holder, cup holder, spacious table.

- New touch-panel monitor

- Universal PC power outlet and USB port on all seats

3. Economy Class: 2-4-2 abreast configuration to meet customer needs

  • ec.jpg

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(1) Seat name:                 JAL SKY WIDER

(2) Configuration:             2-4-2 abreast (8 seats abreast)

(3) Seat pitch:                   Approx. 84 cm (*1)

(4) Seat width:                  Approx. 48 cm (between armrests) (*1)

(5) Personal monitor :       10.6 inches  

(6) Features:

- 8-abreast (2-4-2) configuration compared to industry norm of 9-abreast (3-3-3) configuration

- Seat width (between armrests) approx. 5cm more space than 9-abreast (approx. 43 cm)

- Seat pitch increased by 33 inches (roughly 84 cm.), roughly 5 cm. more space than normal seat pitch of 31 inches (roughly 79cm) to provide the world’s largest class of space, as well as seat width, on the Boeing 787s

- New touch-panel monitor

- Universal PC power outlet and USB port on all seats

(*1) Excluding certain seats

Features of cabin specifications

1. Warm water “washlet” bidet seat (*2)

  Warm water “washlet” bidet seats will be installed in all lavatories.

(*2) Warm water “Washlet” bidet seat for aircraft is a co-creation of TOTO Ltd., JAMCO Corporation, and the Boeing Company. “Washlet” is a registered trademark of TOTO.

2. Inflight entertainment system “MAGIC-Ⅵ”

A new inflight entertainment system “MAGIC-Ⅵ” will be introduced, offering over 300 movies, video and sound recording programs etc., centering on the latest movies and popular songs. Customers can enjoy entertainment intuitively with greater ease by swiping their fingertip on the seat monitor.

  • ife.jpg

    Image of “MAGIC-Ⅵ” screen


3. Cabin lighting

LED cabin lighting orchestrates the four seasons of Japan to create a relaxing atmosphere and feeling of Japan. The LED lighting can also be adjusted to suit the scene, such as providing comfortable surroundings to ensure a good night’s rest or to wake up feeling good.

International inflight Internet connection service

Also available onboard is JAL’s inflight Internet connection service (*3) for international routes, introduced on the current JAL SKY SUITE 777,JAL SKY SUITE 767, and select JAL SKY SUITE 787 (*4) . Customers can visit Internet sites, send and receive e-mails, update their SNS, etc. on their Wi-Fi enabled personal devices during flights.

(*3) Connectivity solution: “eXConnect service” of Panasonic Avionics Corporation

(*4) For more details, please visit http://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201502/003739.html



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