• December 01, 2017

JAL Further Expands Maintenance Services to Spring Japan Co., Ltd.

~ Targeting the Highest Standards for Flight Safety ~


JAL Group today announced that it has accepted a formal request from Spring Japan Co., Ltd. (Narita, Chiba: CEO Hiroshi Ugai, hereinafter referred to as `Spring Japan`) to provide expanded maintenance services and knowledge to strengthen and promote safe operations for the carrier. Since the entry of service, Spring Japan has operated its own maintenance program for their aircraft. In addition to the in-house program, JAL Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as `JALEC`) had been contracted to provide heavy maintenance services to support the company`s operations. Through this updated agreement, JAL now plans to outsource comprehensive maintenance services to the carrier.

JAL will continue efforts to promote the development of the LCC market in Japan. Through supporting the safety program for Spring Japan and by realizing their reliable operations, the company looks to further increase the inbound market from China to Japan.




About Spring Japan

Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd, founded in September 2012, is a subsidiary of Spring Airlines Co., Ltd., China`s first and North Asia`s largest low fare airline. Headquartered in Narita, Japan, the company started operations from August 2014 and features daily flights between Narita=Hiroshima, Narita=Saga, and Narita=Shin Chitose (Sapporo). In February 2016, the company started international service by operating routes from Narita to Wuhan (China) and Chongqing (China) airport. And in January 2017, the company started operations from Narita to Harbin Taiping (China) and Tianjin Binhai (China) airport. Currently, Spring Japan operates 3 domestic routes in Japan and 4 international routes to China.


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