• March 02, 2018

Japan Airlines Receives 2018 J-Win Diversity Award

~ Executive Management Award - President of Japan Airlines ~


The president of Japan Airlines, Yoshiharu Ueki, was selected today as the winner of the Executive Management Award during the J-Win Diversity Award 2018 ceremony, sponsored by the Japan Women’s Innovation Network (NPO Corporation J-Win). This will be the second J-Win Diversity Award the company has received since being presented the Basic Achievement Award in 2017.

The J-Win Diversity Award honors Japanese corporations that are actively promoting diversity & inclusion and will be the eleventh year of the award since its inception in 2008. The Executive Management Award is presented to top executives who have shown exceptional leadership skills in promoting diversity and inclusion in their respective workplace.

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Key JAL initiatives recognized by J-Win

  1. Commitment by top management to prioritize “Diversity & Inclusion”
  2. Executives taking proactive approach to directly communicate the importance of diversity
  3. Direct involvement with the establishment of JAL Nadeshiko Lab. Founded in 2015 and is placed under the direct supervision of the president. The team includes consolidated subsidiaries in Japan taking part in a group-wide effort to promote diversity.

The JAL Group promotes diversity by harnessing the talents, experience, and values of each employee, regardless of any external attributes such as gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

The company remains committed to pursuing diversity & inclusion through the JAL Nadeshiko Lab and will continue to provide an environment where a diverse range of employees can thrive and maximize their potential, as it aims to become the most preferred airline in the world.




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