• April 11, 2018

JAL`s Cabin Crew to Test Smart Headsets in Cabin

~ Using IT to Streamline In-flight Operations and Improve Service Quality ~


Japan Airlines, in collaboration with Sony Mobile Communications, will introduce the use of smart headsets in late April to improve the in-flight communication experience between cabin attendants with an aim to further enhance JAL`s customer service levels.

For the first time in the airline industry in Japan, a smart headset will be used by cabin attendants to test cutting edge technology with Sony Mobile Communications` “Xperia Ear Duo,” a wireless open ear headset.

CA Image.png


Communication between cabin attendants has conventionally been limited to fixed locations through intercoms or through direct communication between individuals. By using group chat functions that are available with the device in Japan, crew members will be able to communicate instantaneously and share real-time information, leading to improved cabin operations. The device offers minimal disruption to crew operations including aesthetics. The wireless headset connects with smartphones and will use customized software provided by Sony Mobile Communications.

The JAL Group aims to further enhance services using IT and provide solutions for in-flight operations.




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