• May 28, 2018

JAL Serves New Inflight Meals for Economy Class Short-haul International Flights

~ Produced by Chef Masahiro Kasahara - Owner of Sanpi Ryoron Restaurant ~


JAL offers flights full of delicious inflight meals created under the concept of JAL Kitchen Gallery, featured in Premium Economy and Economy Class service.

Starting June 2018, JAL will be serving an original inflight meal supervised by Chef Masahiro Kasahara, owner chef of Sanpi Ryoron Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo.

JAL will continue to create meals that provide an exciting inflight experience for our valued customers.

牛すき焼き丼 (1).jpg

Menu from June 1-15, 2018 & September 1-15, 2018
Main Dish: Beef Bowl with Sesame Sauce
Side Dish: Squid and Taro Stew
                 Japanese style boiled spinach with ginger flavor
                 *May be replaced with a salad
Dessert will be served on the side.

Effective Period: June 1, 2018 (Friday) ~ November 30, 2018 (Friday)
Applicable Routes: From Japan to Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kaohsiung
Applicable Classes: Premium Economy and Economy Class


Upcoming Inflight Menus

カツ丼 (1).jpg  から揚げ丼 (2).jpg  豚丼 (2).jpg

  Latter Half June & September    First half of July & October     Latter half of July & October
  Pork Cutlet Rice with Mayo        Fried Chicken w/ Ume Plum   Pork Bowl with Lemon Sauce

                     焼き鳥丼 (2).jpg               カレー丼 (2).jpg
                    First Half August & November          Latter half of August & November
           Grilled Chicken w/ Grated Onion Sauce   Curry Bowl w/ Cream Ginger Sauce

*The main dish will change every 15 days. Please refer to JAL`s website for details.
*The photographs are an image of the meal.



Chef Masahiro Kasahara (Sanpi Ryoron
After working at Shogatsuya Kiccho for nine years, he inherited his father’s restaurant “Torisho”, a yakitori restaurant in Musashi-Koyama, Tokyo. The restaurant was closed after celebrating its 30th anniversary. In 2004, Chef Kasahara opened his own restaurant Sanpi Ryoron in Ebisu, Tokyo. With its creative and original dishes, the restaurant immediately became the talk of town where reservations are highly recommended.

In 2013 Chef Kasahara opened Sanpi Ryoron Nagoya and in 2014 opened Sanpi Ryoron Mens (currently known as Sanpi Ryoro Hanare) in Hiroo, Tokyo. Being the representative for Washoku School Lunch Project in East Japan, he is also active in dietary education and promoting Japanese food. He has written cookbooks from basic to specialized Japanese foods. During his personal time, he enjoys spending time with his three children.





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