• July 20, 2018

Yamato Group and JAL Launch Antenna Shop Featuring Japan's Fresh Agricultural and Fishery Products in Paris, France

One-stop Export/Import Services and Supporting Local Sales




Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Masaki Yamauchi, hereafter “Yamato Group”) and Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yuji Akasaka, hereafter “JAL”) will collaborate to offer fresh agricultural and fishery products produced in Japan in an attempt to contribute and enrich the lives of French consumers. As the first step of the project, an antenna shop “Le goût du Japon” (Taste of Japan) is planned to be established inside Workshop ISSE in early September 2018 to test the market in Paris, France.

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While the food industry in Japan is expected to face challenges due to the declining birth rate and aging population, the interest for Japanese food products is increasing in the overseas market. This trend was partially influenced by the fact that washoku (Japanese cuisine) was registered on UNESCO`s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, thus prompting Japanese agricultural and fishery producers to consider market expansion abroad. Notably, France is a very attractive market for Japanese companies due to the Japan-Europe Economic Partnership Agreement, the celebration of Japonismes 2018 commemorating 160 years of Japan-France diplomatic relations, and France`s cultural interest and knowledge of food.

Meanwhile, Japanese producers who attempted to expand their sales abroad have faced challenges due to a number of issues and as a result, many producers did not opt to expand their business abroad. In addition, EU countries have strict food safety standards and producers who would like to expand their businesses abroad are subject to submit various applications related to exporting goods overseas.

To solve the problems faced by Japanese producers and companies, Yamato Group and JAL decided to launch this project. The two companies will construct a platform that supports regional businesses in Japan to import/export products in the overseas market. They will also set up an antenna shop in the heart of Paris called “Le goût du Japon,” where they will sell agricultural and fishery products from Japan.

2Service Outline
By combining the strengths of the Yamato Group and JAL, the two will support companies to import/export products between the two countries and offer retail locations; with a goal to help Japanese producers expand their sales channels in Paris, France.

For deliveries within France, the companies will cooperate with Chronopost; the largest transport company in France operating under the DPD Group.

Illustration of Service Outline

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Main Roles of Each Company

  1.  Yamato Group
    • Assist with procedures to transport products from Japan to France
    • Product proposal (collaborate with Yamato Group`s customers and national/prefectural governments)
  2.  JAL
    Provide air transportation between Japan and France
    Promote services and advertise through in-flight magazines and in-flight meals
    ※Workshop ISSE (operates stores/restaurants with Japanese products) will assist with sales efforts in France.

Benefits of Services

  1.  For producers in Japan
    • Ability to sell products in France through domestic sales transactions
    • Ability to test products in France
  2.  For consumers in France
    • Ability to obtain fresh “seasonal” food products delivered directly from Japan

3Future Outlook
Yamato Group and JAL aim to diversify sales channels by offering food products to Japanese restaurants and delivering products ordered via EC directly to consumers in France, utilizing Chronopost. Furthermore, in the future, the companies aim to expand their business utilizing DPD Group`s network.



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